What is the difference between Humulin and Humalog?

Are these two types of insulin very different?
Both of the above are incorrect. Here is a more comprehensive chart of insulin types:

RAPID ACTING: (3 times/day)

Regular Insulin
Humulin R
Novolin R

MEDIUM ACTING: (2 times/day)
NPH Insulin
Humulin N or L
Novolin N or L

LONG ACTING: (once a day)

Along beside these there are an assortment of premixed insulin types available. These premixes include a rapid/short acting insulin along with a medium/long acting one.

NPH & Regular:
Novolin 70/30
Humuiln 70/30
Humulin 50/50

Lispro-Lispro Protamine:
Humalog Mix 75/25

Aspart-Aspart Protamine:
Novolog Mix 70/30


Therefore, the differences between Humalog and Humulin are masses. Humalog is a rapid acting insulin. Humulin can be any rapid or milieu depending upon whether it is R or N. Humalog is dosed three times a day near meals. Humulin N is usually dosed twice a light of day or maybe once a sunshine if newly diagnosed.

Overall, insulin dosing is outstandingly complex and can become quite complicated. It is far-reaching to follow the schedule that be set by the doctor.
I believe humulin R and N are fast acting and Humalog is a slower acting insulin.
BJ Tech above me is wrong. Humalog is the most swift acting insulin, followed by Humulin R and Humulin N. All three insulins have the DNA structure of the insulin found customarily in the human body. All three insulins are manufactured by Lilly. The fundamental differences are how fast they respond and how long they closing in your body. A diabetic requirements some sort of fast or speedy acting insulin to cover carbs that are consumed and also needs insulin to cover glucose made smoothly by your body, so either they will call for multiple daily injections of a combination of both short and long acting insulin, or be on pump analysis that injects small amounts of rapid acting insulin normally throughout the day.

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