What is the best otc drug for a sinus infection?

i'm pretty sure i have a sinus infection... i'm stuffy and congested, later drippy, sore thoat, thick gross mucous (sorry for the details).. what med shoudl i bring? maybe its only a cold? im achy to... what should i take? thx!
The honest answer to this cross-question is this: there IS no best OTC tablets for a sinus infection.

OTC meds will help relieve "symptoms" of a true infection, but they will not relieve/remove/cure the infection. If it is a bacterial sinus infection, you inevitability antibiotics, which must be prescribed by a licensed physician. They are not available OTC. Other types of sinus infections, such as fungal infections, require other medications, anti-fungals, such as Diflucan, which are also prescription simply meds.

Your wisest choice, with the symptoms you are describing, is to see a doctor and own your "infection" evaluated by a professional, and get on an appropriate treatment regimen.

If you are wanting nouns (temporary at best) from the symptoms, get an OTC cough/cold remedy that contains "Guaifenesin", which lend a hand thin out mucus, "psuedoephedrine" sooner (an excellent, but semi-regulated nasal decongestant) or "phenylephrine" (another nasal decongestant). Most all c/c remedies own acetaminophen, which is a pain relieve (tylenol, essentially) that will assistance with the ache and sore throat. You could also add something beside "ibuprophen" (motrin) which helps relieve the inflammation within your throat & sinuses.

Of course, you can also try herbal/home/homeopathic remedies such the green teas, belladonna, thyme tea, black currant jam, honey and lemon gargle, etc., but trust me: antibiotics are the drugs of choice.
anything with pseudoephedrine
If you enjoy sinus infection usually nothing can really cart care of but, antibiotics..although I own had outstanding results beside Tylenol Sinus..max strength.
If it lasts more than more or less 3 days or it doesn't seem to be draining ample to start feeling better..step to your DR.
If it's truely an infection then otc second-hand goods won't cure it. You need antibiotics and can individual get them by prescription.
If you guess it for sure is a sinus infection it needs antibiotics to clear it up. If you are not sure after see your doc for a definate diagnosis as to what is wrong. The stuffy congested drippy nose are adjectives part of both a cold and a sinus infection but beside a sinus infection you have the severe strain and pressure around the eyes and nose, your cheeks hurt and sometimes your teeth hurt too. You have trouble standing still next to your eyes closed and if you bend over the severe head pressure make you wish you chief would fall sour as it is very intense. You hold difficulty focusing your eyes too with a sinus infection. The reality that you have gelatinous green mucous though tells me you might want to bring checked out by a doctor as that can be a sign of an infection some where.
I enjoy a sinius infection right now and it isn't anything approaching that, as least for me. It cause a great deal of pressure surrounded by your face down to your teeth. Bending over is impossible because it feel like your go before will explode, and then after bending standing up straight make your head throb. I'm not greatly stuffy nor does it seem to motivation a sore throat. I'm thinking you have a cold. For a sinus infection my doctor give me antibiotics. You can take sinus OTC meds but I regard they just receive you feel better while you still own an infection.

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