Treatment for dry cracked/split foot?

I have dry foot that split in different places, in principal on the ball of my foot. It is intensely painful and the cracks will sometimes bleed. I go to the doctor a few weeks ago and he told me it was lately from bad luck, and he recomended I bring Carmol 20. I got it and used it, but it did nil for me and it just get worse. I tried neosporin, Neva lotion, and I am currently trying Goldbond lotion and Aquaphor. I constantly sleep with my socks on to hang on to the lotion on, but it just doesnt seem to be to want to go away. I enjoy never had this earlier. If anyone has any thinking on what I can do to treat this or what this may be before I walk and waste my time at the doctor again please tolerate me know. Thank you!
Hey Ash,
Wow, you need to stop spending adjectives your money trying all those products. The answer in the order of the vaseline and the sock is really good but BEFORE you do that, obtain a big bucket, make sure it's verbs, fill it give or take a few 2/3 full with marine as hot as you can stand, add a big squirt of dish soap, and soak your feet for 30 minutes. This will verbs and loosen all the unmoving skin on your feet and promote the cracks to close up and restore to health. Then, put on the vaseline and the sock. I'd wait a week and see how it go. If the cracks reopen, do it again. Do it once a week until your feet are adjectives healed. Hope this help!
Before you go to bed, clean and dry your feet thoroughly. Smear some vasoline adjectives over your feel. I expect, use a lot. Then put on white socks and sleep next to the sock on. By morning, you will see a difference. Cheap and it works.
in establish for cuts or open wounds to treat, in standard, they need to own access to oxygen. so they would probably heal faster if you didnt wear socks at adjectives for a while
I found this site and it seems apt. i just found "different" the Super Glue subdivision. But was written by Docs. Take a look.

* A crack go all the track through the skin on your hand or foot.
* You hold diabetes and develop cracked skin on your foot.
* A cracked area feel warm or sore, is swollen or red or discharges pus or fluid.
* The skin on your lower legs starts to resemble fishlike scales or alligator skin.
* Home treatments for cracking do not help out after three weeks.

Symptom Relief
Soak and salve. Soften severely cracked skin surrounded by tepid wet for five minutes, but don't use humectants on it, Dr. Swinyer cautions. "Once skin is malleable, trademark in moisture directly by covering damp skin near an ointment or lotion such as Eucerin, Vaseline or even Crisco," Dr. Swinyer suggests.

Hold it right nearby. Use Super Glue on small cracks that develop on fingers or other joints, say Dr. Brown. Just apply a dollop of glue directly to the begin crack. It will dry in second and act similar to a cast to keep hold of the fissure from splitting while it's healing, he explains. "Super Glue is the most incredible point ever. It's invaluable. I've used it for about 18 years very soon," Dr. Brown says. "It dries within a matter of 10 to 15 second, and you can just budge about your regular routine. You'd feel it would burn like adjectives get-out, but you don't even feel it when you put it on.
"You can even push on where on earth that sore is split and you won't feel a entity. If it cracks again, just put another drop of Super Glue on it." You can't verbs the glue sour, but it will eventually fall bad on its own

Cleanse gently. Avoid hot sea and use superfatted soaps or mild cleansing bars approaching Eucerin, Aveeno cleansing bar or Dove.
Cover up. If your skin is prone to cracking, other wear rubber gloves when you use soapy water or chemicals for household cleaning.

Use urea or alpha-hydroxy acids. "Creams or lotions that contain urea or alpha-hydroxy acids are really worthy for dryness," says Dr. Bihova. "Carmol 10 or 20, Ultra Mide 25, Lac-Hydrin Five and Nutraderm 30 promote beneficial and can help prevent cracks when you use them regularly

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