What's the difference between strep throat and oral thrush?

Can anyone help me beside this...I got raise bumps on the back of my tongue..my glands are swollen a bit...somewhat dry mouth... I have somewhat white on the side of my tongue but it's not like cottage cheese..is of late a strip real tiny..I took some tylenol near codine 3 and I brush my teeth 3x a day..and I drink going on for 3 to 4 8 oz cups of water..sometimes 6 cups...
Strep throat is a bacterial infection and thrush is a fungal infection. Either will require a prescription for treatment. If your doctor isn't available immediately go to an urgent effort or walk within clinic and get treatment started speedily.
wow.....call your doctor without beating about the bush or else...strep throat have many special branches....act efficient
Thrush (oral candidiasis) can appear as white patches at the corners of the rear of the mouth, behind the molars, and/or as a glutinous white or yellowish-white coating on the tongue. There's no pain. With strep, nearby may be white patches, pus, frenzy, painful swallowing, red & swollen tonsils, swollen d¨Ścolletage glands, very sore throat, headache and impulsive. Not all of these symptoms will necessarily be present.

I suggest you see your doctor and if she/he suspects strep, a nippy strep test can be perform in 30 minutes.
Strep throat is cause by Group A Streptococcus bacteria. It is the most adjectives bacterial infection of the throat.
A throat swab can be tested (cultured) to see if strep grows from it. A rapid testing is quicker, but misses a few of the cases. Negative rapid test should be followed by a culture, to find all the cases that might hold been missed.
Oral thrush is a disorder cause by infection of the mouth with the fungus (yeast) Candida albicans.
An nouns of the mouth by the health attention to detail provider or dentist shows distinctive lesions of the mouth, tongue, or cheeks. Lesions are confidently brushed away revealing a reddened, tender nouns that may bleed slightly.
A microscopic examination of tissue from a lesion can confirm Candida infection, but usually the diagnosis is made by simple physical nouns.
* Insufficient nutrition
* Esophagitis Candida
* Spread of Candida to the gastrointestinal tract, lungs, skin, or other area
Please see the trellis pages for more details on Strep throat and Oral thrush.
The subsidise of the dorsal surface of the tongue contains a series of large bumps. If you stick out your tongue, you can see them on your tongue too. These substantial bumps on the top surface of the back of the tongue are a fourth type of papilla call circumvallate papillae. They are located along the "circumvallate line" and contain taste buds that confer the sense of sour and bitter to the backbone of the tongue. They can actually be moderately prominent and are often mistaken by patients for cancerous growths

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