When someone have a stroke, no event if small or leading, do they ALWAYS attain admit into hospital?

It's just that my Mum suffered a simply over 2 weeks ago but we think its manifestly more than that and she hasn't been admit into hospital or rehabilitation or seeing any specialits. Only her GP. I think its wrong

My Uncle have saw a flash of light and lost his at a tangent vision contained by one eye a couple weeks ago and when he called his doctor and explained his symptoms the doctor told him to progress to an optomitrist! He went to the emergency room and found out he have a stroke...he was admit for 1 day and afterwards sent home after lots of tests.
Has it be confirmed - did she have a CT or MRI of her brain? If you're worried later you need to walk to emergency or seek the counsel of another GP...
Good luck :-)
well if it be small and it passed, she wouldn't need to receive admitted IF the gp ordered contained by ER or outpatient MRI, CT scan, and put her on meds for Blood thinning and to lower cholesterol. and stop smoking.
Evidence shows that if Not treated, you will get another stroke surrounded by 30-60 days.
So if your mom has any remaining inadequacy or speedj problems, she does need rehab, it could be on outpatient principle.If she has remaining deficit, and all the above treatments aren't self done, bypass her GP and take her to an ER.
If a soul is diagnosed as having a stroke they should be tested for the end in and to see if there is a possibility of it cyclical. For example, if the stroke was cause by a blood clot, the cause of the clot requirements to be determined and treatment for the cause carried out. My father have seven strokes and he was hospitalized the adjectives time. I get the sense that you are not within the U.S., if you are, get a second inference or demand secondary action from your physician. If not you enjoy to take anything steps your medical system permits to force the issue. The bottom string is that a stroke is not an outpatient condition, at least not initially, and sometimes medical professionals enjoy to be prodded to do the right thing (like any other profession).
May be she have a TIA even then she wishes consultation with specialist. It's required to ascertain the cause of stroke/TIA and to bring some treatment to prevent the recurrence.
Good luck!
TIA's (transient ischemic attacks) go on when an artery is temporarily clogges; they last from 1-5 minutes and no smash up occurs. Sometimes the symptoms ending up to 24 hours.

TIA's are often caution signs that the person is at risk for CVA (cerebrovascular accident) or "stroke". About a third of population who have TIA's will eventually own a stroke.

Having provided all that information, if your mother is still have symptoms, she MUST be evaluated by a physician. Her physician must be told what symptoms she is having right presently. I cannot tell you what might be wrong; just a doctor can do that.

Read about TIA's at http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/transie...

Read roughly strokes at http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/stroke/...

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