When someone go thru chemo here aditude amendment and they aren't content anymore.?

Someome who has cancer and is undergo treatment is not just war for their life--they're having to bear a treatment that makes after very sick. So whiel they know there's a fitting chance the chemo could cure them, it's going to construct them sick while it kills adjectives the cancer cells.

Think roughly when you get sick (say from an ear and throat infection) and you're running a lofty fever. The doctor give you an antibiotic to get rid of the infection, but for a couple days the tablets makes you discern really bad--upset stomach, diarrhea, fever, opinion weak. Then after a couple days you inaugurate to feel mundane again! That's what it's like when you're on chemo, individual the treatment stretches over several months to a year, so it's really tough being sweet and nice when you touch like crap, sunshine after day. The hope is that when the treatment is adjectives done, they'll be able to go and get back to commonplace.
My cousin had chemo for non hodgkins and he is festive, my bud Joe had chemo for stomach cancer and he is bullish..
During the chemo they were sick from it, so they weren't comfortable then.
if thats a give somebody the third degree then i guess inflict my uncle wasn't happy but the chemo didn't work for him is lung cancer be to bad me,my dad and his wife and brothers be with the ending painful miserable existence of my uncle watching him starve and he couldn't talk severely loud and he couldn't raise his appendage or even move his body
I don't see how someone can be happy while they do chemo...not solitary are they fearing they might die but they are also completely very sick...
Chemo make you feel tired, green about the gills, etc..

It is an sometimes an effort to wake up up in the mornings.

The medication have heartless side effects, the drugs they give you to stop the side effects own side effects ...

You have needles stuck surrounded by you to deliver the drugs, and they are straped in place for hours at a time. Your vein don't like this and so they collapse and they hold to keep sticking them within new vein and they hurt!

And while you are feeling the worst you enjoy ever felt within your life, you are expected to keep up a positive attitude to help face-off a disease that you know could kill you.

All these medication cost money, the specialists cost money and you feel too exhausted and sick to work, so you are constantly concerned about finances...

It is rock-hard!!!!

And it can take YEARS for your body to recuperate from the toxins they have pumped into your body, after you hold stopped taking medications, which may verbs for years after the actual chemotherapy is over.

We have a right to be grumpy occasionally!

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