When my daughter swims or showers, the inside of her hand turn white, lower than the skin.?

My daughter has have this for many years. She is 18 very soon. After she is in the hose down for awhile, the inside of her hands is white beneath the skin. This morning when she got out of the shower it looked approaching it was also out of the skin. It seem to be getting worse. I brought her to the doctor a couple of years ago, and the doctor had her run her hand under the wet, but she could not do it long enough so the doctor didnt see how unpromising it was. The doctor said that moisture be getting tapped underneath the skin. She gave us a perscription for some brand of lotion, and said to wear it over night beside gloves on. My daughter did it a few nights. but is be real humiliated to sleep, and didnt seem to be helping , so she didnt do it anymore.

Have any notion what this is?

I am wondering if she maybe have a reaction to chlorine. Since its surrounded by a pool and surely in your sea at home. You may have high-ranking chlorine in your hose down. So to find out I would by some water. Maybe distilled drinking dampen? Not sure which one would not have chlorine but you take in what I mean. Have her put the hose in a bowl and sit put money on and watch a partly hr show. If nothing later the next daylight try your tap sea. If she has the criticism then your on to something. If adjectives else fails pinch to the doc and say you would close to a referal to a skin doctor. Dont take no for a answer its up to you since you are the doctors paycheck. Some general public have reaction to different parts of there body and it may not affect any other nouns. Perfume in copious things can effect people surrounded by different ways for example. But try the water examination first. You can even try putting the soap you use in the verbs water and see if she have a reaction later. If it is chlorine then a filtration system could backing lots.Hope This helps!
you have me at 18 year old girl within the shower

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