Are here any veterinarians or vet techs that can help out me please?

I have a 15 week mature Chihuahua, who recently developed an inflammed unwary on the inside of both ears, from ear canal to tip of ear. There is no odor or discharge coming from her ears. She also have a rash at the back her ears. It is very itchy,so I call my vet, and she says it sounds similar to some type of allergy, and before I clutch her in, to try some Benedryl Cream. What I'm worried something like is, after I apply it, if she scratches and get some on her paw and licks it rotten, or gets any of it surrounded by her eye, or if one of my other dogs licks it grooming her, that ingesting even for a while through licking, it might do harm. I'd similar to a second opinion just about the Benedryl Cream or any suggestions of other things I can use to help relieve her discomfort. I quality so bad for her. Do you own any idea what might be cause this? I also heard that Mineral Oil might soothe the rash. She's on the same puppy food she's be on since weaning. Can she suddenly develop an allergy to that, and if so how can I tell?
I'm not a vet but have lots of animals.the benadryl shouldn't hurt anything but if you're concerned ask the vet for a cone. it goes around the director and keeps them from scratch. I would be concerned with what is getting on my dogs paw.It sounds like she have picked something up on her feet, and spread it to her ears next to grooming..Are you putting one of those carpet powders on your mat,maybe the perfume? or have there be fertilizer or weed killer any put on the grass or spilled somewhere.Check her enviroment out, it's probably there.Also if this started after Thanksgiving, could someone own fed the dog Turkey? adjectives dogs have a problem near turkey...For some it shows up as a bad dermatitis, some as enteritis. If you know that she have turkey she'll need to step to the vet for antibiotics and cortizone shots. Good luck
I also have chihuahuas and I go and checked the Benedryl I have and it say not to give to children below 2yrs of age and for accidental poisoning to nickname poison control. I would not give it to a puppy they are a moment ago babies. Perhaps your vet knows better??
Get a greatly small Styrofoam cup and tape it around the ears so they can't mark and cause an infection. It would also protect your other dogs. Maybe take another vet? Hope this helps.
try mite ear tablets

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