When should you be put on a kidney transplant catalogue?

kidney fuction is at 35%, kidneys are small, blood is high within potassium

perhaps a doctor can answer that. i own one kidney. it is fine.
that would be something that your doctor would have to establish not someone on here

35% isnt 100...
shouldnt u already be on the list? wtf is wrong beside your doctor/specialist?
UMmm dont do it yet basis your bload pressure is to high
when you involve a new kidney soon
Usually you will not be placed on the enumerate until your function is a little bit lower. I know my aunt be not on the list until she be around 20%. Most recipients are on dialysis as capably.

I donated my kidney to her when she was around 10% function.

Ultimately, this is a declaration that the team of doctors must trade name. However, you should not be put on the list until you are mentally organized. You will feel much better once it is over, but the process is stressful.
Ok, I know some information on this subject because my sister is on dialysis right presently. It's still a good entry that your kidney function is at 35%. My sister went on dialysis go her kidney went down to in the order of a 5%. She has be on a list up to that time she started the dialysis treatment about 2 months ago. It will be righteous to talk to a doctor to see what he recommend. Do you have both of your kidneys functioning or basically one at 35%? My sister had solely one functioning at 5% before she started dialysis. She already have one transplant in 1999 and in a minute she is waiting for a kidney to have a second transplant since the first kidney wore out because of so tons other health problems that she have had. If you'd close to more information, you can email me...this is my cousin's address: marticampomanes@hotmail.com
Good luck.
from what I know most people aren't put on dialysis until 20%. My moved out kidney is also at 34% and the other one is 66%. As long as the other one is picking up for the one that isn't working then you should be fine. For the one that said that you have need of to be 100% for both kidneys, you are wrong. The kidneys only work at 50% a piece. So man at 35% isn't bad at adjectives.

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