8 - 10 pus cell contained by urine check, what could it be set to? Which type of infections could bring this condition?

If they looked at your urine under a microscope, they could see "pus", but it's not a cell. Pus would be see "among" the cells. What you are conversation about is probably an elevated amount of white blood cell, which indicates infection.
This could be anything from a simple bladder infection to full blown kidney infection. Many type of bacteria can exact this infection, the most common is e-coli. Most physicians "culture" the urine to see which medication work best against the "bacteria" causing the infection.
I don't consider they are actually call pus cells, at least possible not on any lab sheets I've seen. Maybe white blood cell? And a urinary tract infection could cause that..
it might tight nothing, but it might connote that one has a bladder infection. what they suggest when they say 'pus cells' is white blood cell. these can be found when there is an infection that the body is conflict. they may have done a culutre on you too, and this would determine what/if any infection you might own.
I think you penny-pinching WBC (white blood cells), there is no such piece as "pus" cells.

It could connote the beginning of a UTI or bladder infection or it could be contamination. Wait and see if the culture shows anything.

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