·What percentage of oxygen is suitable for COPD and what can surface if long-suffering given too large a percentage of

·What percentage of oxygen is suitable for COPD and what can happen if merciful given too high a percentage of oxygen.
Your put somebody through the mill has pretty much be answered already by the previous few answers... but please keep contained by mind that not all COPD patients are CO2 retainers (e.g. pure asthmatics tend not to be retainers)

When COPD patients dangle around a PCO2 of 50 and a PO2 of 50, they will tend to have problems near CO2 retention... if not, you could probably grant a higher concentration of O2 minus too many off-colour effects.

When a CO2 retainer receives too much oxygen, they'll typically hypoventilate to keep going the PO2 level close to 50, cause PCO2 to increase to unacceptable level... leaving the COPDer near too much dissolved CO2 in the bloodstream.

Here's the Wikipedia answer: "CO2 retention is a problem surrounded by various respiratory diseases, above all chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Patients with COPD who receive excessive supplemental oxygen can develop CO2 retention, and subsequent hypercapnia."
1-3 Liters per Nasal Cannula.

Any better takes away the respiratory stimulus to breathe, which could be incurable.

Low O2 levels motivation them to breathe in.
24-33% O2 percent which is 1-3lpm.

High O2 concentrations can wear away the Hypoxic drives in COPD patients. Usually glorious concentrations exceeding 50% is what is listed.
In COPD the patients CO2 level are usually chronically high, and the PaO2( Oxygen) level chronically low. What happens is when you bring to the fore the PO2 levels too elevated, it tells the body it is hyperventilating and wishes to slow down the respiratory rate, in turn cause a lethal increase contained by CO2 levels.
We in shape folk breath in response to increasing level of CO2 in the blood. COPDers own difficulty exhaling because the disease causes a drop of the smaller airways (bronchioles) and thus the air rushing out (creating a glum pressure) causes the airways to collapse resulting within an increase retention of CO2. Eventually this burns out the brains normal response to CO2. COPDers breathe surrounded by response to low O2 levels. Thus, giving them at giant liter flow of O2 will knock out the breathing center and cause apnea (cessation of breathing).
I own 3 oxygen delivery systems that 4 lmp is maximum

My emergency resverve cistern will go to 8 lpm I did register that Nebs need 7.5 L to work
If this lenient were given Spiriva plus albuterol, their oxygen utilization would not enjoy become an issue. Spiriva has be proven to reverse the effects of dynamic lung hyperinflation by decreasing a patients residual volume in the lungs, increasing the inspiratory size, thus allowing the patients "more room to breathe". If the level of COPD is so advanced that the forgiving is bed ridden, strapped to oxygen- it may be too late. If the even of COPD is still moderate to advanced based on the Gold Guidelines FEV1 rating size, Spiriva can prove to be effective contained by as little as one week (including less use of oxygen).

COPDers do more on Spiriva... its proven.

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