How does the circulatory system and the respiratory system work together contained by our bodies?

explain how the circulatory and the respiratory systems are linked together
What? Did I hear someone need their homework answered for them?

I'm going to be very simple because you should be capable of Google this and find out yourself:

You breath. Your lungs take surrounded by oxygen. The oxygen goes into your blood stream and into your red blood cell. The red blood cells stir around to your body, and back to your lungs to gain more Oxygen. Then the process repeats.
The two systems are linked together because the blood travels from the vessel in the heart to the lungs and put money on again. While at the lungs, gas exchange occurs.
The site of gas exchange contained by the alveoli, where oxygenated blood go to the heart via the pulmonary artery, then via the circulatory system, pumps it's route round the body
the circulatory system, has 2 chief fluid transportation systems. 1st the cardiovascular 2nd the llymphatic.the cardiovascular system. the cardiovascular contains the heart, blood vessels, and blood contained by a closed system transporting blood to all parts of the body bringing food, and other chemical agents to adjectives parts of the body.the. the respiratory system, stores oxygen for a few minutes, just by take oxygen to brain and other cells adjectives over the body, through the blood from the circulatory system.
When you breathe in oxygen, that oxygen is cirulated through the lungs and heart and dispelled when you breathe out surrounded by the form of carbon monoxide or dioxide...sorry I forget which one.

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