Whats the treatment for urethritis?

I think I enjoy urethritis, i never had sex, so its probebly from bactera. I am planing on going to the doctor, but I want to know what the treatment is. Do you enjoy to take any assessment?

You will be asked to provide a urine specimen and perhaps a blood indication that'll be tested for evidence of infection, and likely started on a specific oral antibiotic. If, when the lab audition comes back, it is determined that you inevitability different treatment, the doctor will notify you and instruct you on what to do. If there's no call from the doc, be in motion back to his/her department when you initally were told to for follow-up. Some urinary tract infections send for for two courses of antibiotic therapy, but the doc will involve a second set of lab tests to determine whether or not this is the shield for you.
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