Can you die from a bladder infection?

if not treated it can spread to your kidneys, and yes it could be fetal
As next to any infection, if it goes untreated, it can be life-threatening. Get to a doctor so you can ease the agony and get some prescription.
If you don't treat it you may implode. Invest in some medication and consequently see a dr.
Yes if left untreated
Yeah... People can pretty much die from anything... >__>
Yes, and you'll be miserable beforehand you die.
Yes, it travels to your kidneys and then become septic and goes into your blood stream.
You can die from any infection.
And race do....all of the time.
Yes. And a more hideous opening to go I could scarcely dream of.
Oh yes.
i dont know if i would consider it a death sentence. but if its moved out untreated you can get really sick from it. it starts out as a bladder infection. if disappeared untreated, it will become a kidney infection...both are very tender if left untreated. bid the doctor and just win some antiobiotics. you will feel deeply better.
yes if it becomes systemic
possibly I have one hurt like hell. move about to the doctor or er If your in discomfort they can give you a pill that can assist. stop doing atp
just close to with any infection, it can spread to other areas of the body, blood, organs, etc, etc. If not treated correctly u can seize sepsis, and go into septic shock
I don't want to articulate no because it depends on how long you have have it and if it is recurrent and you may hold renal failure from ongoing infections over a spell of years. But why would anyone not want to be treated immediately? It is the worse shield scenario for pain save for giving birth and oh, it can lead to cancer of the bladder which is serious and rationale death.
Not if you appropriate care of it. A bladder infection is cause by either have sex too much and not peeing after, or any type of prolonged exposure to unclean stuff. if it go untreated (meaning you dont notice the excrutiating pain) later it can travel up from your bladder to your kidneys and infect them. You can die from a kidney infection if not treated.
Only if its not caught within time.
Well it's an infection it can spread very like greased lightning. Anything that remains untreated only get worse. You could die from any infection.
sure can .cant live with out a bladder .
yes you can if it is not treated but if it is than no my sis have one and she is still here
Anyone can die from an infection. Drink lots of water. And if the urge to pea starts to burn or become discomfited, keep drinking hose and warm a hot pod up and put it between your legs, it helps abundantly
Im sure It may kill you if solely untreated. If you havn't seen anyone but. i sugjest seeing someone.
Yes! Slowly it spread to your kidneys , your heart and other parts of your body! you will die if not treated hasty!
yes- there are frequent ways in which this scenario can transpire

" Coconut Purifies The Bladder ! "
Any infection has the possibility of bloodbath a person, because of it's potentiality of migrating inside the body via any blood stream. For example, a very long-term UTI (urinary tract infection) influential to Meningitis (an infection located at the brain).

Also, the TYPE of micro-organism responsible for the infection has an crucial role as well, because some micro-organisms infect and multiple faster than other micro-organisms. The faster ones tend to wipe out the body, if untreated.
I almost did when I was 5 years dated, 106 fever, everything.
Bladder infections are prearranged as cystitis or inflammation of the bladder. They are common surrounded by women but very uncommon in men.
Bladder infections are not serious if treated right away. But they tend to come fund in some general public. This can lead to kidney infections, which are more serious and may result contained by permanent kidney wreckage. So it's very essential to treat the underlying causes of a bladder infection and to pocket preventive steps to keep them from coming support..

Bladder infections can be quite mortified and potentially serious. But for most women, they clear up quickly and are relatively non-hazardous if treated.

In recent years, more and more bladder infections come from two sexually transmitted bacteria: chlamydia and mycoplasma.

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