Does any one know what is a cbc w diff w plt blood interview? What is the doctor looking for?

CBC== Hemoglobin--- If low, anemia.
Total WBC or lecocyte count-- If high, severe infection or breakdown of blood cell with stirring marrow. Low- Sepsis or depressed marrow.
Differential WBC count-- High neutrophils- Bacterial infection. High lymphocutes- Viral infection. Total count and lymphos. are also high within leukemia.
Monocytes-- High- malaria .
Eosinophils- High -Allergy and parasitic infections and Hodgkin's disease.
Platelets-- Low in ITP, leukemia, depressed bone marrow.
Yeah, a CBC is a complete blood count, diff vehicle differential, and plt probably referrs to platelets. So your doctor is getting counts of the various cellular components of your blood, including red blood cell, leukocytes (or white blood cells) and platelets, with the while blood cell broken down into different types (neutrophils, lymphocytes, eosinophils, etc).
That particular theory test can be used to look for many things, and is repeatedly done as a general screening check with a physicial, so it might not show anything at all.
cbc is complete blood count analysis, this could indicate deficiency or conditions such as enemia of the doc could be looking for an infection. It is also done when starting certain meds.
A CBC is a complete blood count. This system the test is going to provide information on the number of blood cell in the preview taken. W/DIFF means that the theory test will provide a measurement of the number of different types of blood cell. There are red and white blood cells. Red cell only own one type, but white blood cells own many (I chew over about five). This trial could be taken for many reason, general and specific. Ask your doctor or nurse to clarify why you are human being tested. Also try typing in CBC within a search engine

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