What's the most important acne treatment you've ever used?

As a teenager adjectives i needed was a obverse wash beside benzoyl peroxide. When I started breaking out again in my 20s, singular Proactiv really worked (and I tried everything)
keeping my face verbs, washing my hand frequently, keeping my hands bad my face and watching the amount of fatty, fatty greasy foods i eat.
My neighbor swearws by Maderma Cream. It's cheaper interpretation is Walgreens scar gel. My daughter is trying tonight for the first time.
Just because something works for someone else doesn't stingy it'll work for you. Just drink plenty of water, devour lots of fiber and vitamin c, wash your facade every day, and exercise. Plus, using spot creams on zits, and using a obverse wash beside 2% salicyc acid. I used to use something near benzoyl peroxide in it, but I found it dried my frontage out too much.
Proactiv. no doubt.
for me. no OTC works.. go to a doc. he gave me BP (which i stopped using because it dried up my skin really bad).
i'm using infinit products.jus started today. hope it'll works!

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