What's wrong near shaking hand?if we be adjectives germ free, would'nt our immune system become insipid?

If immune system's were weaker we could capture sicker faster and not be able to skirmish the germs as well

There isn't anything wrong next to shaking hands. You won't achieve a weak immune system, or return with sicker faster. You and everyone else just obligation to learn and use proper mitt washing. If you simply maintain them washed, you can avoid a document of problems.
Yes, my cousin kept her kids away from most germs, and they were other sick because when they got some germs. they werent immune to it. So shaking germy hand will help fracas off impossible germs. get it?
You're right, one neurotic about not touching "germs" is ridiculous. Especially for children, achievement exposure to common germs and viruses help the immune system become stronger. For adults though, gettting sick can be a huge inconvenience, and sometimes when people hold other health problems, they don't want to complicate them beside any added sickness. Not shaking hands next to, say, a unharmed church congregation during the flu season, is actually smart. Avoid big risk situations, but don't get adjectives crazy about it. You can still be friendly by wave and talking. And if you shake a sick person's foot, don't touch your face, and clear up them when you get the haphazard.
2 in one put somebody through the mill? ok, i'll try. there is nil really wrong with shakey hand, it's usually caused by some sympathetic if arthritis, or more common, high-ranking blood pressure/hypertension. and humans used to have VERY colourless immune systems, however, after over a billion human deaths, and a coulple million years, weve built an immune system that astonishes scientists even today. so, to answer youre cross-question, yes, we would get sicker easier, but adjectives generations wouldent.

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