Whats wrong beside my muzzle?

This is wierd yesterday I got a bloody feeler from washing my frontage then today I get a bloody nose from taking a shower. Is it because my trunk doesn't like hose anymore? How do you prevent a bloody nose? I lost profoundly of bloody from those 2 bloody noses

Go to your doctor.
Ease up on the booger sugar
you should probably ask an fully fledged or something and if they don't know then dance to your doctor
It is hard to utter for sure without going to the DR. It could be as simple as big blood pressure or a bleeder needs to be cauterized or something. I would craft a routine doctor appointment and see what your doctor has to enunciate. He may say basically to spray with saline or to put Vaseline up your antenna to keep it moist...I can't guess for sure but you do obligation to go contained by and check it out. If you loose too much blood you can become anemic.
Have you been taking aspirin or ibuprofen? How give or take a few new medication? Do you suffer from allergies? Keep a account of what you are doing when you get the proboscis bleeds. Usually dry air is irritating, you trunk bleeds may be in response to heat up most air after an irritating bout of dryness. If this is the bag, avoid being directly within the way of fan and sir conditioner and sleep with an humidifier contained by your room.
If you are prone to nose bleeds, don’t blow you feeler hard, and once the bleeding starts put an rime pack in it to constrict capillary in muzzle or if bleeding heavy pack it next to a clean tissue.
There is a Little's nouns which is very vascular, conceivably it is bleeding due to your nose-picking or blowing. It's a coincidence it happens at the time you are wash face or taking shower. You entail check up. If you have polyps, they will hold to be removed.
Good luck!

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