What's the protocol for culturing cancer cell?

It really depends of the cancer cells you want to culture. In most cases, you hold to rely on the protocol published on the ATCC (http://www.lgcpromochem-atcc.com/)... database. Most cultured cancer cells will grow within culture media (such as DMEM, IMDM, RPMI, MEM, etc) supplemented near 5 or 10% fetal calf serum (FCS), glutamine and antibiotics. Some specific cancer cells of lymphoblastoid character will also need supplementation of specific cytokines (IL1, IL6, IL3, etc). Cancer cell can be kept at 37C and be split every 3-5 days when confluencey is reached. If the cultured cell are adherent to the culture flask, they will need to be detached by proteolytic enzymes such as tryspine (+EDTA), resuspended within complete culture medium and re-plated at lower density to avoid cell- cell contact.
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