Lung blight marijuana vs. cigarettes?

Lets say a pack a daylight of cigarettes v.s 2-3 joints...What are your thoughts/Yq expert opinion?
The first thing you know is that most folks don't have a clue going on for these subjects except what they read in the weekly and they don't remember that very very well.

Don't accept answers from anyone who can't donate you references, and giggle out loud if anyone cites as a source. The US Government have had an freely stated campaign of lying in the order of marijuana since at least the 1930s. You can find an entertaining history of the subject at

You can find a ton of research on the vigour effects of marijuana at

If deaths produced from lung devastate is the measure later tobacco wins hand down, and it isn't even close. You can find a chart of how many ancestors are killed by drugs at

Both plants produce largely alike kind of smoke and can produce impossible to tell apart kinds of bring down, with a few exceptions.

Tobacco have nicotine which is a potent poison and highly addictive. It also may contain radioactive elements from the fertilizers that are used on the plant. It is believed by some that the radioactive elements within the fertilizer may be one reason tobacco have a high association beside lung cancer.

Marijuana contains THC which has anti-tumor properties. The most recent research by Dr. Donald Tashkin of UCLA (the ascendant expert on the subject) found that marijuana smokers actually own a LOWER incidence of lung cancer than average. This may be due to the anti-tumor properties of marijuana. You can find newspaper articles chitchat about this research by penetrating

As for the fertilizers used on marijuana, those will vary according to who is growing it but I own met a large number of growers and every one of them expressed great diligence about choosing the correct (and safe) fertilizers for their product. They put slightly a bit of work into each plant so they tend to examine these things very obligingly. (This would not apply to ordinary Mexican weed.)

Tobacco also cause emphysema, while marijuana does not.

You will see people allege that marijuana have ten times (or 50 times, as they can't remember their own urban legends) as much tar as tobacco. It is something of a mystery how equal measures of two roughly equivalent plants can produce such hugely different measures of pitch, but that is really beside the point. The authentic point is the measurable overall effects.

One the overall effects, tobacco wins for the highest problems -- lung cancer and emphysema. It is not even a contest.

One of the explanations for the differences is the THC vs. nicotine. Another explanation is the fertilizers used. Another explanation is that pot smokers generally don't consume as much as tobacco smokers do. (Although this would not be true surrounded by places like Jamaica where on earth some people smoke 28 times as much as the typical US pot smoker. Even at those level, pot does not come close to the damage done by tobacco.)

One other point to consider is that it is entirely possible to avoid all the lung disrupt associated with using marijuana. Marijuana can be eat or vaporized. Vaporization heats the marijuana to the point (less than 200 degrees) where on earth the active ingredients come past its sell-by date as a gas. There is no smoke and, therefore, none of the tars. If you tried impossible to tell apart thing near tobacco, you would be one sick puppy in short proclaim, possibly dead.

You can find a ton of form references on the effects of marijuana at The largest study to date of the strength effects of marijuana was done by Kaiser Permanente. They surveyed 65,000 patients over a long time of year of time and found no significant differences in the form records of pot smokers versus non-pot-smokers. On the other mitt, there is a pretty clear difference in the robustness records of tobacco smokers. The full manual of the study is online at
Weed is unfiltered so it will cause more despoil.

And yet cigs enjoy chemicals in them so conceivably they will.

But then the singular thing I can rely on is governing body sanctioned studies which are all lies.

Can I purely go near I don't Know on this one?
If you're going to cause lung break, you might as well attain a high out of it. I'd walk with the 2-3 joint. Screw cigarettes, they never did anything for me. Haha. Cigarettes cause smaller quantity damage though, I'd conjure up.
Marijuana will be less dicey
If your smoking weed, are you really caring roughly your lungs? You care more roughly what is in the fridge.
neither choice is virtuous for your lungs, marijuana carries oodles of the same toxins as cigarettes, and it is unfiltered to boot. Not with the sole purpose that, marijuana, unlike cigarettes, is a known depressant and will worsen symptoms of clinical depression.
Studies show that marijuana smoke is around ten times more harmful than cigarette smoke. Not singular are the chemicals more harsh, the smoke is unfiltered. Most populace underestimate the dangers of marijuana smoke. Of course, ethnic group that actually smoke marijuana are going to disagree. The research is out here. Look it up.
From the information I've seen, 2-3 joint is considerably worse for your lungs than a pack a day, probably man closer to a pack and a half. But from experience, I don't believe marijuana is nearly as impossible for your lungs as the experts would suggest. I played 3 sports throughout high college while smoking a lot more than 2-3 joint a day in need any real problem. Currently I smoke roughly speaking a pack a day and don't smoke marijuana, and I struggle to run a mile a light of day, which is much less than the workload I have in big school sports solitary 2 years ago.
Weed causes smaller number damage to the lungs it is a proven reality. The fiber glass contained by the filters of cigerttes is what does majority of the lung despoil
Cigarettes are certainly worse. Tobacco typically have more additives and poisons. With pot, it depends on what you're smoking. If you get pot from a apt place, it's grown orgaincally, it's not too bad for you. Especially, if the pot is VERY STRONG. I don't protection who you are, if you're smoking some of that ****, you can't smoke 2 or 3 joints a daylight -- a few hits will do ya. You just can't compare the amount of smoke you're pulling into your lungs by smoking a few hits of weed compared to a pack a sunshine of cigarettes!
The lung damage comes primarily from the solids within the smoke you inhale and how long they have to settle out surrounded by your lungs and secondarily from gasses. Also, there are other factor like what heat the plant material burned at (and so what solids result as economically as some gasses) and just what is contained by the plant material to start next to.

But mostly, it is all swamped simply by the sheer consignment of tobacco smoked vs. the weight of the marijuana. Neither have any noticeablely worse composition to start with so 20-40 cigarettes a light of day, although filtered (which loses value the longer (i.e.: the farther down you smoke) you smoke), simply race long chronological what even the most dedicated Grateful Dead admirer can afford when it comes to amount of damage cause.

Lastly, in this world harm doesn't usually mount up linearly (as in 40 cigs a daylight being 2x as desperate for you as 20 cigs a day). Usually damage is amplified if done at the double enough that your body cannot repair fully between hurtful events. So 40 cigs a day might be 13x worse than 20 instead of lately 2x. Interestingly, it then become sort of important to your ask just when contained by the day you smoke the joint. Do it at the end of the smoking daytime and each shared cause more prejudice than the first cig of the day. Just to be industrial about it. Of course, if you weave down with the pot and don't get the impression an urge to smoke 8 more cigs that evening, then it save you damage by smoking the pot. So would enjoy going to bed earlier though, and in need adding posterior in the vandalize from the joints. Lifestyle choices are tough, eh? Make life span complicated.

But unless you REALLY need relaxed and own a LOT of extra money, that 2-3 joints a light of day sounds like a large estimate (sorry, I had to write that) for the hours of daylight vs. the 20 cigs in a morning which is probably low for most smoker so you can likely rest smooth about the marijuana mortal a noticeable issue.


Oh Lordy!!! Get concrete folks. Unless you grew it yourself, you know absolutely nil but what some piece of garbage passed on give or take a few the pot when trying to get a short time more cash out of your pocket for it. Both contain adjectives the same poisons and obnoxious agents. As for additives, if pot cost in the order of 50 times less, you'd put them into it within a second and you could burn half of it sour while not near your mouth approaching cig smokers do. At least the tobacco poisons be grown and handled near an eye toward preventing stupid contaminations that would result in lawsuits! Who ever sued a drug broker and won anything other than a bullet? Organically grown pot is pot the vendor thinks you'll pay envelope more for if he tells you (lies to you) it is organically grown. It get the same fertilizers and pesticides the rest of the corn pasture got.
the doctor said solitary one joint a light of day for that arthiritis. as far as lung damage...any foreign substance goin into your lungs will produce some sort of weaken. a pack of cigarettes is only somewhat more hazardous than smoking three joints from what medical journal say. both will head off residue in your lungs. atleast you can fight cancer, arthiritis, ibs, and the lemons life throws at you beside marjuana...cigarettes make you annoying to be around, smelly, and repulsive.
i believe smoking green will do less injury to your lungs cuz cigarettes have fiberglass within them even tho there filter it still don't make a difference
For every pooled you smoke it is equal to smoking 10 cigarettes. You do the math and figure out which is worse.

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