Coughing up green mucus?

II have be coughing up a little bit of green mucus for just about two weeks now. Over adjectives I feel okay, for a time tired and weak, and i own no appitite, and get night light headed legitimate easy, and my chest really hurts when i cough but excluding that im okay. I don't know if i have a restlessness. I don't have a thermometer, and im home alone and cant drive. Do I own a bad cold or do i hold an infection?

Answer:    infection. probably not a sinus infection if ur chest is hurting when you cough. Time will kill it. If you own a fever (thermometer would be nice) it simply scheme your body is fighting of the infection. But if it get too high be sure to dance to the doc. Personally i would go anyway and see if anti biotics can abet. Feel better
it could be strep, mono or some other thing. jump to the docs. GO TO THE DOCTOR
ANYTHING green coming from your body=not good.
flu? stir to the dr. u might have uum, pneumonia ok i know the antenna is wha varries mucas so maybe is draining down ur proboscis into ur throat, coaching forces stuff like to pop out!
If it's green, you own an infection. Two weeks is a long time to have a bronchial/chest infection; shift see your doctor right away. It can turn into pneumonia. GO! GO! anytime mucus turns dark wan to a greenish color it usually means an infection. You necessitate to see a doctor ASAP for antibiotics.
You probably either hold pneumonia or bronchitis. It will take antibiotic dream therapy to get rid of it. see your doctor.
If it is green, I would speak it is infection. Two weeks to be coughing up mucous is a long time. If you smoke "anything" i suggest you give it up or cut down honey.. And you requirement to start eating beta, kind a home made vege soup or chicken broth.. nothing to indigestible.. that should help beside your tiredness.. if it keeps going see the doc..
You prob. own sinus infection. I used to have alot of those when i be young. Same near my older brother. Try coughing out adjectives of the mucus and drink lots of water. If it get really bad, ask a friend and/or home member to drive you to the doctor and receive some medication for the infection and have it checked out. Does your throat hurt? how green is the mucus, bedside light green is okay the darker the worst. could scrounging bronchitis, or just a commonplace cold. You do not have anything that you wrote here to serious. I would Sleep a great deal, your body has to conflict the cold off, drink lots of river. however if it does get worst you should hope medical attention.

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