Whats this article on my organizer?

i have this little bump on my director. about the size of a spot. its not a spot because iv used spot creams and that.

inevitability more info. Is it raised? Is it red? brown? purple? green? If it's red, there's a angelic chance that it's a benign growth call an angioma. If it's brown, it could be a simple mole. If it's red like a pimple but doesn't step away, you may want to see a dermatologist to make sure it isn't a basal cell carcinoma. If it's brown and flaky, and you are over 20 or so, consider seborrheic keratosis. You may want to consider a trip to the dermatologist in recent times to check it out.
it will be a sebaceous cyst
Haha, a spot can be little or big. There is no specific size of a spot.

You need to transmit us how big the spot is, and what color and everything you know about it.

Or turn see a doctor.
Hey try to use some Balmex, yes it baby diaper impetuous but it will take those spots bad... just try it it may work...
Go to the doctor.

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