Itchy Stitches! HELP?

I got stitches but I can't gash them!
Help! Does anyone know any ways to how to reduce the itchy so I don't score them!

Thanks for your time!

Answer:    instead of itching them try patting them. thats what i do surrounded by the summer when i have a bug bite and i dont want it to scab up. also try lotion and vaseline. if you construe that they are abnormally itchy later you should talk to a doc. only to make sure that they arent infected or anything annoying resembling that.
rub them softly with a hanger Dont! It will sort the healing proccess more slower. Put gloves on your hand.
lotion your welcome
its from the scabs drying out. But vasaline on it. Works much better than lotion and wont clear up away in wet. Baby oils doesnt work powerfully either. I used a hydrocortisone cream for mine, it does proposition a few hours of relief at a time.
heat water Just dont come up with about it. This is one of the hardest things contained by the world =] Just DONT think going on for it. And if you do think give or take a few it, just resist the urge, and it'll run away.
Press down on them or apply warm marine... try to be patient cuz it a moment ago means their medicinal. Where are they? Put some Neosporin on them if you can. Use the one that has the numby stuff within it -- it will help both contained by lightly anesthetizing your skin surrounded by that area and contained by keeping it moist. The itching is healing, as your wound dries out.
amm...why dont you draw from a fork? If you smooth on a light coating of vaseline, that will save them more moist and prevent itching. Check with your doctor to find out if this would be OK first, though. He may or may not want you to do that for the type of incision site you own.
Do not scratch them! I would honestly hail as your doctor and ask him or her what you should do about the itching. You do not want to interfere near the healing.

Good luck!!
Be scant. My sister in imperative stitches from her c-section itched and she went to the doctor because it be driving her nuts and she had a yeast infection of the incision.

Check beside your doctor before you put anything on the stitches.
This will probably enjoy you cracking up laughing but it really works.
Preparation H. Yup, you read it right.
Prep H is made to stop the swelling and itching of hemeroids, But it is also great for a number of other things as in good health.
I had surgery a few years ago and instead of the common stitches, the doctor put in staples.
Well, it turned out that I be illergic to metal and was soon extremely swollen and sore. The itching almost drove me crazy, and I soon developed infection to make matter worse.The doctor had put me on chief antibiotics, but they were doing extraordinarily little to help.
When I couldn't stand it any more, I sent my son to the drug store to bring me a tube of Preparation "H".
Almost immediately the itching go away, the redness from the infection stared to recede and in two days I was in good health on the way to self healed.
I go to the doctor and had the staples removed and have them replaced with steri-strips (butterfly bandaids)The doctor figure it was the pills that he have given me for infection that had heal my incision, until I told him that I had quit taking them, because they made me sick to my stomack and they be killing stale the good microbes that fights yeast infection.
His antibiotics be actually cause more problems.
Then I told him about using Prep "H" and he be amazed that it worked so well.
My son come home from work last week and have an itchy rash adjectives over him from some chemical that he used at work, that he was allergic to. He go straight to the bathroom for the prep "H" and within a partly hour he was fine again...that and an antihistimine.
Other things it is accurate for are mosquito bites, bee stings and sunburn.
I use it for around my eyes to reduce the swelling and it make the wrinkles go
There's no call a halt to the good things that it can do.
Reduses swelling .
relieves itch.
and heal wounds quickly
Try wont feel sorry that you did.
oh yeah... it stinks and is really
But it works.
Hope that I have help in some small agency.
Your Friend
it is because they are healing from the inside first and it is a right sign ask the drugest their is a ointment that will abet or just rub them softly and that will aid good luck

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