When i shake my cranium i can get the impression my brain move and it afford me headadache i cant move about to the doctors in the order of this?

I sometimes get this too and am releived to find out i'm not the single one. I get it when I tramp downstairs and when I step of a kerb, not as the other answerers on her seem to expect by shaking my head disconnectedly, is this the same for you? I haven't be to the doctor either so am not really profoundly of help to you, a moment ago really to reassure you that it happens to other race too.
Go to the doctor you dope
Don't shake your head!!
Don't shake your guide.
Then don't shake your head, simple
don't shake your guide then and why can you not dance to the doctors?
I do not think that you are certainly feeling your brain move, otherwise you would not be on here asking question.
Another thing... If when you shake your chief, it gives you a headache, Then for Christs' Sake, STOP SHAKING YOUR HEAD. DUH!
1st your brain cant move almost like that no event how small it is if it did you would be in deeply of trouble limke dead and contained by pain dance ask your doctor thats what hes there for
are you kid me?
Stop shaking your head.
Don't shake your go before

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