When you own sex, do you PREFER a condom?

One prefers a condom to STD
But a stable, secure ,trusting, relationship where on earth one can choose to use a variety of contraceptive methods or none at adjectives is better
I don't have sex anymore because I'm divorced. When I be married I didn't want to use a condom because I was trying to take pregnant. It's a lot harder to capture pregnant when using a condom.
Yes, I have 3 children, I am idea done.
I have never like condoms but I used them to protect myself. Once I was married I stopped. Now my husband have a vasectomy so we don't ever have to use them again! YEAH
I can't use birth control, so we don't really own a choice, but it is def. less messy! And he doesn't seem to be to mind.
with a floozy i lately picked up from the bar, yes.
I would fairly not wear them but you have to be protected. Birthcontrol is a savior, if you know your bf/gf doesnt hold anything
not really...my girlfriend is on the pill and she even prefers that I not use one

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