Yellow puss coming out of the eye?

well my boyfriend have been working on his motor all time and his eye started hurting really bad. We looked at it and pale gooey stuff was coming out of the slash duct place. Well, we cleaned it off but stuff is still coming out. (its not abundantly but enough to mind and bother him) Is this sinusis or is it some sort of infection.

Answer:    This sounds like conjunctivitis. There is a herb that you carry in fluid form called Eyebright that is to say perfect for this. And alot nicer to your body than using an antibiotic.
It sounds close to an eye infection. Get him to his doctor or just a clinic and they can donate him some antibiotic. Good luck! this is defintely infection, being that the puss be yellow. comming out of the slit duct? that sounds bad.
it is an infection. whenever i get hold of really tired or catch a cold/flu, i carry the same stuff out of my vanished eye. my left eye is my fragile eye. it also happens more during allergy season. save your eye clean. draw from some antibiotics from the doc. FLUSH THE EYE WELL AND APPLY A WARM COMPRESS AND SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE.THIS MAY BE AN INFECTION,IT MAY BE DUE TO SOME FOREIGN MATERIAL GETTING INTO THE EYE WHILE WORKING ON THE CAR,WAS HE WEARING PROTECTIVE EYE WEAR?IT COULD BE COMPLETELY UNRELATED TO EITHER,BUT ONLY AN EDUCATED AND QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL CAN DETERMINE THE PROPER TREATMENT.

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