When you enjoy an Aortic Aneurysm, will you be capable of touch it when it bursts?

Maybe for a minute. But you'll be dead.
Yes, but not for long. Unless it happen while you just start to be in a hospital or conceivably in the parking lot, you will bleed out enormously quickly. That is why it is better to carry it fixed surgically, before that happen.
Yes. Tearing / ripping type pain, can consistency it in the stern or belly or even closer to let, depending on where on earth the rupture is. Very painful. Throbbing sensation. Need medical emergency aid immediately for survival. Occasionally, if it is a small seep (dissection instead of a rupture) it can stop leaking if it closes itself stale (due to its own pressure) but is at a very soaring risk of completely rupturing, so needs medical evaluation and treatment emergently also.
for in the region of 2 seconds, consequently oxygen is cut off from the brain and u die. my stepgrandfather have one on the operating table years ago.
You'll get extraordinarily weak, as no more blood will get hold of out to your limbs. Little blood will return to the heart, so you'll catch breathless, then possible die in a few minutes.

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