What's wrong beside my Granpa?

Hi, my grandfather is 78 years old, lives within a small pueblo and a few months ago started acting different. He use to be a sweet, caring matured man who always care about keeping his appearance orderly and fresh. Anyway the past few months have been the total contrasting; he doesn't shower (or wants to be showered), doesn't shave, cut his nail or anything. He DOES NOT Eat, and will not eat except for a forced cup of warm milk everyday. When ever anyone surrounded by the family tries to assistance him eat, shave, or lately simply talk to him he explodes near anger and just tell everyone to leave him alone and even tries to hit his relatives. The problem is that doctors in the pueble really dont know much just about mental health issues (which I ponder is the issue) so they just read out he's "rebelling" (go figure). Ive tried doing some research and only dementia seem to be the possible issue. Anyone have any accepted wisdom? Thanks

Dementia could be a factor. But if this has happen all of a sudden next he could have a brain tumor that could be affecting his character. He needs to own a detailed physical exam by a doctor.
It is dementia and or Alzheimer's. He needs to see a doctor out side of the pueblo. This going untreated can front to him being a difficulty to himself and others. There are medications available to alleviated some of this and even slow down the process. You can argue near him until you are blue in the frontage. Neither you or him will benefit from it.
Sorry to hear about your gramps. My initial dint is that he may be suffering from depression. Perhaps you could call someone who specializes within this area for a further inquiry.

Also, another create may be a brain tumor. I don't mean to be world-shattering but I've read many accounts of ancestors turning from placid to angry because of an undiagnosed brain tumor.

Whatever it is, good luck!
dementia, Alzheimer's, brain tumor, carotid stenosis, diabetes. He wishes to be taken to a more experienced doctor for a full physical.
This sounds like depression to me.Hope he get better soon.
he might be getting a form of dementia, or he's depressed.
take him to his regular doctor, and see if he requirements a referrel to a counselor.
they can help him.
hope he get better.
good luck
eliminate him with pleasantness
Think about your Grandpa's life span... is there something missing presently, that he used to love to do? such as pets...horses, dogs, fishing, female company, anything he loved. Ask for the memory help from an elder who know him as a young man.
Put something he loves surrounded by front of him- see what happens. Walk away to furnish him privacy ma bey.
My Grand mom told everybody in the line never to get her a pet bird...she be very discontent. I took a small canary and cage to her home set it surrounded by her room and left. Days following I revisited her and she was happier than I've see her in months. She loved her topical companion.
Try that.
If it were a gradual beginning, I'd say he's dealing near dementia or Alzheimers; however, this seems to be a to some extent sudden onset, so I tend to wonder if he's have a (relatively minor) stroke. A stroke can change personality just as it can interrupt motor function. I'd talk beside them about the possibility of stroke or other psychological accident.

Good luck!

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