Why do i constantly sneeze?

i wake up and i sneeze going on for 20 times and all throught out the light of day i sneeze> any one know y and how i can cure this?

Answer:    keep your room and bed exceptionally clean, no carpet, only washable floor mat, Launder all sheets and pillowcases at lowest possible once a week, or more often. Encase the matrass and pillow contained by allergy proof casings. Shades or shutters avoid drapes for window. There are no cures, for allergies, there are antihistamines, resembling Claratin found OTC Even better if you can find some at the Health Food stores. After spending time outdoor take a upright shower and shampoo hair contained by order to valet off allergens. Best of luck, swot up how to live with them.
nick some antihistamines... (anti - allergy tablets)
maybe ur allergic to dust or hold hayfever.. I have this too - it's allergic rhinitis. It's usually a dust allergy, and it's worse when you get up up because, like it or not, your bed is full of skin cell! You might also be allergic to your pillow if it's feather - try varying to a hypoallergenic hollow fibre pillow, and I find a mattress protector wash frequently helps too. Chemists resembling Boots have homeopathic remedies for rhinitis, and a one-a-day non-drowsy antihistamine can sustain too.
No i reckon about 5 possibly 6 times its sounds like you enjoy a allergies or hay fever if its dusty later i do extra sneezes. I recommend cleaning your colon with this product it will aid your immune system and stop the sneezing http://shop.herbalbiz.com/158419/product...
take some allergy drug and go to ur doctor or an allergy specialist and receive an allergy test dun so they can prescribe something to exhaust it

Long … but well worth the reading.

Make the nouns!

I am a nurse with over 25 years experience within this area and I hold seen a great deal of people next to various illnesses cause from chemicals and fragranced products as well as VOC’s contained by their homes, schools and workplace. This problem is growing as more and more chemicals are man introduced into the market and used on a day by day basis.

We are immediately seeing more and more children and adults with Sneezing, Chronic Headaches, Sinusitis, Migraines, Chronic Coughing and Sinus Infections, Asthma, Allergies, Hives, Eczema, sinus / respiratory illnesses and Hormone related disorders. I can not bring to light how important it is to lecture yourself about MCS (do a trellis search for MCS) and the injure you may be doing to your health by using chemicals and fragranced products.

If you or a loved one suffers from Asthma, Allergies, Autism, chronic headache, reproductive problems, Migraines, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus or Fibromyalgia, you need to read further and swot about the signs and symptoms of MCS - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Most doctors will not inform you almost this because patients as a whole resembling to walk out of a doctors department with a prescription for some magical tablets and they do not want to be told that their expensive new perfume or not long installed carpet may be the culprit. So, the doctor will afford you medications and tons of these meds either do not work or incentive other health problems.

Chemicals and fragranced products are recurrently the root of all evil when it comes to your form. Many of the below mentioned items are common triggers to sinus, asthma, itching, headache, Migraines and allergy problems amongst other health issues. Get rid of them and your lungs will thank you and you will breathe easier.

And, it is not lone personal body or cleaning products causing havoc on your health….lots people become sick after wearing brand new clothing, dry-cleaned clothes, installing alien carpet, drawing, buying a new mattress or after home renovations because of the Flame Retardants, Benzenes, Formaldehydes, etc. used contained by these products. So the answer is NO, you are not imagining that 2 weeks after your home, organization or classroom got renovated you started to become in poor health, get dizzy or enjoy headaches. This is taking place more and more these days and adults as powerfully as children are becoming sicker and sicker.

Unfortunately, too many doctors compound the problem by prescribing chemical medication to try to alleviate the symptoms of an already chemical overloaded body and they rarely recount the patient to do away with the chemical offenders. How abundant times have I see people surrounded by the grocery store with Bounce, Glade Plug-Ins and Febreeze contained by their shopping cart along near a bottle of Benadryl , Migraine Excedrin and a box of Allergy Tablets ? Why don’t they make the nouns?

Keep in mind that your skin is the largest organ of your body and what you put on your skin get absorbed into your body. Then ... capably... then it have to be filtered by your organs which are already working concrete hard.

BIG NO-NO’s ---- I would SERIOUSLY recommend removing adjectives of the below from your living / working area.

No Bounce or dryer sheets - these are VERY toxic
No Febreeze - your pets will even thank you for this
No Glade Plug-ins - VERY toxic
No Scented candles
No Scented Dish Detergents
No Fragranced Products on Body, Hair or Clothing
No Smoke
No Newspapers and Magazines - The ink is a huge irritant.
No Dander
No Sprays
No Sharpies (marker pens)
New Cartpeting, mattresses, paint, contain toxins that can trigger severe respiratory disorders as all right as headaches and Asthma flare-ups.

You will without a doubt want to read this article on how chemicals and fragrances affect your health.

And remember, it is NOT the smell it is the Chemicals that label up the smell. So, even if something is "Fragrance Free" these products often camouflage the smell with another chemical ! There are plenty of locked healthy products out at hand that work well and do not enjoy added chemical fragrances. Look on MCS sites if you need minister to finding them.

More and more workplaces & schools are creating “Fragrance Free Zones”… why do you mull over this is? Make the connection, your lungs , immune system and your nonspecific health will thank you.

Here is a Brain Spect Scan Before and after a see of perfume: http://www.ourlittleplace.com/spect.html
i sneeze alot too, i dont think its hazardous... I have this same problem, I start sneezing, next i can't stop. I sneeze about ten times surrounded by a row!
could be a simple allergy to dust- its everywhere! try taking piriton but if this is consistant then be in motion to ur GP it may be cheaper for him to give u something on prescription!

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