When I poop darkened blood comes out; what is this?

just everytime i poop gloomy blood comes out and it hurts when i poop, its alot of blood but it dripps.. can someone please tell me what it could be!

You involve to see a doctor ASAP.

That sounds a LOT like a bleeding swelling.
It maybe from a hemorrhoid or intestinal bleeding. See a doctor ASAP.
Sounds resembling a hemorrhoid but I would call the doctor. You may be bleeding internally.
see your doctor or get to a hospital.
Go to the ER...doesn't sound correct.internal bleeding?
hemroids maybe? I would hail as your md
sounds like an spot. Or did you eat beets surrounded by past few days?
It's a sign that's unfolding you to get your bleeding as* to the hospital ASAP.
If its cloudy its something internal. you need to turn to a doctor pronto!!
could be a GI bleed. it needs instant attention. it could be very serious.
It could be a bunch of different things...prob not a big do business but definitely a symptom that desires to be seen by a Dr. Don't throw away time because that make create a bigger prob than critical. Just go to a doc, pray, and hold Faith Faith.
danm what is wrong with your anus.step to a doctor its probably hemeroids
Blood in the stool (poop) is other a situation you need to see your doctor on. With that said here is a bit bit of information that might be useful to you.

Bright Red is arterial or capillary bleeding, collectively related to hemmorids or in extreme cases colon or recal cancer.

Dark blood is venous bleeding and across the world related to your blood return system and is quite consistant next to an ulcer or some pull to the stomach or intestines.

If your stool (poop) looks like coffee grounds and have a red tinge it can be a serious ulcer or bleeding sore (peptic).

Feel free to IM me should you need more information.

Hope it help!
Upper bleeding when dark - - could be from upper GI tract or even bleeding stomach ulcer. Definitely need to desire treatment. (no, not hemorrhoids, close to exit would be bright red blood.)
Blood that is mixed next to stool is indicative of a bleeding site above the rectum e.g. polyps in the sigmoid, descending colon. In contrast, if blood is on the surface of the stool, merely on the toilet tissue or in the bowl could indicate low rectal or anal hemarrhoids. You need to see the doctor and own a flexible sigmoidoscopy. Addition testing such as bariumenema or colonscopy depends on whether blood is mixed beside stool.
See a doctor as soon as possible to know for sure.
it means that your have your period out of your but
because it's brown blood, this would indicate a "high up bleed"from the stomach(bleeding ulcer) or duodenal nouns.
the more red the blood, the fresher it is, in other words, it doesn;'t hold to travel thru the entire intestines to get out.
blood have a very distinctive "bad" smell.
also be aware that iron supplements can raison d`¨ētre dark and sometimes black stool.
contained by any case, you definately stipulation to see a doctor to figure out where on earth you are bleeding and how best to treat it.

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