Wheat intolerence?

For years now I enjoy been trying to gain consignment to no avail. The doctor has tested me for thyroid disease and it come back fitting. I looked up wheat intolerence and I have alot of the symptoms, headache, weird illnesses, anxiety (I am on meds for it), trouble digesting food etc. Does anyone know anything give or take a few wheat intolerence or allergies?

this may help

i infer it's a crock o' crap
it might be celiac's disease my friend has it and it give her really bad stomach ache shes even been hospitalized the strain has be so bad. its where on earth you are allergic to wheat and gluton. which most food has within it. here is a link
wheat intolerance you influence? Well when I was younger I used to not know how to eat wheat because it go right through me( I mean in minutes) but my body eventually adjusted and in a minute I can eat wheat fine. I be like that for several years as in good health. My suggestion is wait it out, however the headache, weird illnesses and anxiety you'll hold to find answers for from someone else.
I would see about getting carrying out tests for celiac disease. To ensure you don't have a problem beside wheat and gluten.
I know everything there is to know, I hold an allergy to wheat. Or an intolerance, I mean. Email me near specific questions if you want.

Otherwise, a wheat intolerance is the inability to digest wheat, and your intestines become coated next to it, which starts inflaming them (giving you stomachaches and inability to gain weight) and it's quite annoying, but my guidance is to go rotten wheat for two months. It's not too difficult. Many food come in gluten free. Anyway, email me through my profile near any questions.
Hi. The most expected cause is Celiac Disease, an autoimmune disease within which the person cannot digest GLUTEN a protein contained by wheat, rye and barley. (oats are avoided due to cross contamination with wheat during obtain and processing.)
What I would suggest is seeing your doc about allergy trialling (RAST) as well as the Celiac blood panel. Since that is to say my area of "knowledge" I'll backing u there.

They will run a blood exam and possibly do an endoscopy with biopsy, the gold ingots standard of diagnosing Celiac.

If u have Celiac u will obligation to follow alifelong Gluten Free diet. (Gluten free is always wheat free but wheat free is not necessarily gluten free.)
Any meds u filch will need to be checkd for gluten. www.glutenfreedrugs.com list brand name GF drugs.

It incontestably sounds more like Celiac than an allergy or other intolerance. (Wheat intolerance is amazingly uncommon, Celiac is FAR more adjectives, 1 in 133 ppl own it. Thats higher than the incidence of autism.)

Untreated Celiac can head to all sorts of problems including infertility, cancer, polyps, and eventually death.
Please grain free to email me or see the links I post fo rmore info.
My daughter is allergic to wheat but has a gluten intolerance. Tested glum for celiac, but really cannot handle any gluten. She is 15 and eat no gluten at all, I hold to say she is much stronger than I.

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