Whenever I achieve by dust I sneeze and sneeze and sneeze am I allergic to dust?

Sounds like it. Take some benadryl previously dusting anything. I tend to get rashy and start sneezing while I'm cleaning my house. Benadryl is mild satisfactory and does the job to lend a hand that out.
It seems as though you may enjoy an allergy problem. Talk to you doctor about it.
Yeah.. I hold nothing to ask any.
Most people don't realize lately what dust is...Dust consists of many things including shed skin cell, pet dander, small particles from dirt, and.the feces of dust mites! It is more expected you are allergic to the dust mites and/or pet dander if you have any pets. You necessitate to see an allergist and have trialling done. Benadryl is good to use for allergies, but it also cause drowsiness. It should really only be used occassionally and not as a nonspecific remedy for allergies. Please see an allergist and get suggestion from an expert.

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