What is a guarded prognosis?

I can find references to a guarded prognosis--but no explanation.
Susan is correct. In actual use, the permanent status "guarded prognosis" means it's not looking angelic, but it's not totally hopeless yet. It's one step above "poor prognosis" and a step below "equal prognosis."
Sadly, it means that the outlook for a being with a guarded prognosis is grim.
A gaurded prognosis is anything to be precise not stable. A doctor might say 'guarded prognosis' when they are not exactly sure how virtuous /bad its going to be. Its more of a 'cautious' prognosis.
Take a look at the two words separately. Prognosis is a medical term denoting the doctor's prediction of how a patient's disease will progress, and whether here is chance of repossession. However the world has also be used outside of medicine starting only just in areas such as nouns for predicting money cycles.
Guarded (I'm assuming you know what this means, lol) surrounded by this sense is referring to the patient, and his removal of knowledge something like the prognosis. So a guarded pronosis is when the doctor makes evaluates a forgiving but then keep the findings from him or her.

It could be for a multitude of reasons, such as if a lenient is terminally ill but the doctor or the loved ones doesnt want him to know for fear of depression. It could also be used for example contained by psychology if the psychologist determines that a patient have a certain condition and requirements to administer a test short the patient consciously affecting the outcome. Hope that helped
I construe it means prudent.. could go any way. The human being is not definitely going to go and get worse.. but they may not get better any. The prognosis is a prediction of the probable course and outcome of a disease.
its like when you bet on the horses, a quid eash bearing, in short the doctor is NOT sure exactly what ails that human being!! it's acase of wait and see!!

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