Does whiskey assistance a sore throat?

My wife has a cold and it is really bothering her throat. She said a shot of whiskey would support numb it, so of course, I give her a shot of whiskey. She is trying to avoid taking antibiotics if at all possible, but she think her tonsils are starting to swell a bit, so they might be inevitable.

I was freshly wondering if anyone knows of any proof or have even heard of drinking whiskey for a sore throat?
hottie tottie, whiskey and honey hot.
it sure does. alcohol numbs in recent times about everything. throat included. if nil else, she will fall asleep & it won't hurt anymore.
I don't hold proof but it is an old folk remedy. From as childlike as I can remember whenever I had a cold come on my grandmother would steam up wiskey w/a little bit of sugar and give me a big ole' spoonful and when I woke I no longer have a cold.
I think it works from years of personal experience!!
ego say it does!
Omg yes!! My ex boyfriend made me a "hot toddie" sorry bout the spelling...whisky heated up on the stove, some lemon, honey and a touch sugar and of course some jim support...i slept like a tot and felt soooooo much better the subsequent day!! def mix the whisky near the above ingredients...she should feel better!! sounds so worthy i want to make one!! GOOD LUCK!!
Try mixing one sector whiskey, one part honey, and one cog lemon juice. This really works and I hang on to a bottle of it in my refrigerator for emergency. I don't know if the straight whiskey works, but the whiskey, honey and lemon juice indubitably does.
unless she wants to hold the whiskey surrounded by her throat for about 10 min.. afterwards it will have the antibiotic affect...but gargle with saline and warm wet will also do...i hate meds so i drink hot totties and gargle and avoid the doc. as much as possible also ...unless i hold a bad infection do i jump....
not more than bacardi.
whiskey, or any other alcohol, will immediately snuff the germs that are making your throat sore. as will hot water and brackish.

however, alcohol does weaken you immune system and will, ultimately, head to greater infection.

you best bet is hot water next to lemon and honey, or gargling saline water.
tried and toddy. be serving them to my husband (has a severe cold including sore throat) over the last week and he say they definitely aid...they help you sleep too...

here's the recipe:


2 tbsp honey
3/4 chalice hot water (or tea)
2 shots brandy
2 tbsp. lemon liquid

Brew tea and fill a soaring glass 3/4 full. Mix surrounded by honey and lemon juice...Mix contained by brandy shots. drink while hot (or as hot as you can stand without burning)

if she doesn't consistency better in 5-7 days or her symptoms grasp worse, she needs to travel see a doctor...viral has to turn away on its own but if its bacterial, for example, strep throat, she needs antibiotics to clear it up...
I own never heard of drinking Whiskey for a sore throat, but when I own a bad cold I use Whiskey, lemon liquid, and honey to help me attain over the cold. It really works, you feel alot better the subsequent morning.
i have never hear of it but i don't know...

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