When i be little....?

when i was merely a little babe i had resembling yellow skin and idk what it be called or if it could effect me in a minute i just want to know

Like the others, I agree it's jaundice you have when you were a babe-in-arms. But I disagree when they say it can't come final or still haunt you then. I also had it when I be younger and I know I still have a pale coloring around my mouth sometimes. Jaundice has something to do next to your liver so I'm not sure if it could mean that something isn't right within. (I hate going to the doctor) But I know when I'm upset, hot, or sick the skin around my mouth turns very yellow-ish. See your doctor if you aren't completely against them close to I am! Good luck!
Jaundice, common contained by new babies, unlikely to recur
Newborn babies commonly get jaundice, my son have it, he's absolutely fine presently, I don't think it affects you long residence, but if you're worried go and see your doctor.
could it be meningutis
sounds similar to baby jaundice. happen to a lot of babys freshly after being born for a few weeks after. purely because the liver hasnt had time to adjust to birth, after adjectives a baby surrounded by the womb is atomatically being filter with fluids from the mother. once a tot is born, its gotta do the whole lot for the first time by itself.
you shouldnt be artificial now. or surrounded by the future.
it is call jaundice... alot of babies are born with it....it show that they are born with bilirubin surrounded by their blood... Most infants with newborn jaundice can be treated near special lights used for phototherapy. Unprocessed bilirubin in the skin can be processed if it is exposed to fluorescent restrained. Focused halogen lights and fiber-optic, wrap-around blankets have also be used. With training and supervision, the infant's parents can use these treatments at home. s that they have a lofty level of bilirubin within their blood. It is very treatbable and doesnt check out of lasting affects for the little one...
by the sound of it u have jaundice its ur liver making too much bile or something alot of newborn babys get it and it usually clears up by itself minus alot of medical intervention
Jaundice. A lot of babies have that when they're born (my first son did) but it won't affect you presently
you had jaundice and you are fine.

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