When is the best age to trail your kids on peanut produces?

such as peanut butter. In regards to allergies?

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I also be looking into this matter for my 5 year aged, here is what I found:
Children are at greatest risk under three years of age. ... nuts or vegetable pieces; and enormously sticky foods, such as peanut butter

Hope this can help you out as economically as me. ;-)
Well peanut allergies can be very sensitive and terrifying. Um talk next to your dr. The only route you are going to know is to try them. Is there a history of peanut allergies within your family. There is not contained by mine so when my child was probably 3 or 4 I started her. 2 or 3 may still be too young-looking to have the means to eat peanut butter but nuts perchance. Also check all the food you enjoy already been feed your child, it may contain trace amounts of nuts and if the child has not have a reaction than it is risk-free. Peanut allergy sufferers can not even have products next to trace amounts of peanut, peanut dust or things made where items next to nuts in it.

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