Can you come out of a diabetic coma?

Yes, but it wont just occur, medical treatment will be needed;
Yes with proper medical treatment
yes. usually when blood sugars are stablised, this will evolve.
Yes if you act efficient.
Of course! Diabetic coma is caused by any a very illustrious or a very low blood sugar, correct that inequity and the patient is ok.
Not to enunciate that a Diabetic coma doesn't cause mess up and have residual effects, it does, but consciousness is usually restored justly quickly next to correct treatment.
yes with treatment, insulin fluids electrolyte and sour base correction and ventilator support.

it have a high mortality but beside corret treatment it is reversible
Yes you can with hospital treatment.
yes you neighbour go into one..she woke up from it..she is in a home very soon at 50years old bec she drank heavily and didnt munch through properly which caused the coma.
oh in good health best place for her i guess!
When glucose rises and isn't able to obtain into the cells the body begin to utilize fat for it's fuel. This sets bad a complicated series of events within the body. Getting the glucose into the cell with speedy acting insulin is the treatment.
Diabetic coma happens when your blood sugar is too low for your body and brain to function properly, so technically, anyone given sugar to bring up your blood glucose should bring you out of it.

Being in a coma is incredibly dodgy though, so regardless of whether you can come out of it or not, the best idea is to avoid getting into one.

If you're an unstable diabetic, check your blood glucose regularly, and other have something sugary on mitt for when you feel/notice your blood sugar becoming too low.
yes you need the proper treatment to stabilise sugar level
Only if you really want to.
If it happens next to other people present and they present you a sugary drink, then OK. But if you are sit in the armchair on your own, not knowing what be happening, you be in motion into a coma. You can come out when the liver releases sugar into the blood stream to stabilise the blood sugars. It happened to me for the first time and I woke up 3 hours following, thinking I'd been asleep. I feel awful though.
im here typing this message so that means yes
Yes - I met someone who be in a coma for months back he was diagnosed (and subsequently successfully sued the hospital!) - he nearly died but is fine now. Not a honourable thing to shift through though and if you're talking in the region of a coma that you go into next to high blood sugar it can affect your adjectives health. If you're asking roughly speaking a friend I hope they get better soon xxx
Yes you can. I be in a diabetic coma for a week. I be sick enough to ask the Dr for a home stop by, he came and give me some meds (which was sugar base!) I don't rememer much about it apart from wake up in hospital a week after that.
Yes but avoidance is best!

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