When you own a heart attack does it give up your job your chest sore?

Yes, it can. This is a very loose question, however.

Do you reflect you've had a heart attack because your chest is sore?

Have you if truth be told had a heart attack and very soon your chest is sore?

A "sore" chest can be caused by pleurisy (inflammation of the bin liner of the lungs); costochondritis (inflammation of the cartilage that joins the ribs to the sternum); hiatal hernia (the protrusion of your stomach into your chest cavity); bitter reflux (your esophagus is inflamed); bronchitis (inflammation of the bronchi of the lungs); pneumonia (a general lung inflammation) and several, many other conditons.
Do you be going to sore tto the touch, or with movement and inspiration?
This would be more plausible a case of costocondritis. (sore chest wall muscles)
No. The agony is from lack of oxygen to the heart muscle.

If you have CPR done to you, you'd be sore as hell, and possibly have cracked or broken ribs.

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