What's wrong beside him...?

If u have see my pervious question you'll know my brother have his gall bladder removed, he also have sickle cell, and a stomach ulcer. Well his surgery go through well and he come home but all of a sudden he's throwing up (he hasn't even eat and he's lost 30 pounds already) and i heard him crying he can't see. my mom said he looks close to he's about to callapse. i don't wan't to see how he's doing because im panicky. i just want to know will he be ok (my dad is on his approach from work to take him to the hospital) or is it possible he will die.

I can't toy with this by helping him because i fear if i jump near him i will bust out crying. I'm the one specifically always trying to brand him feel better, but i cant do it presently.

First you have to relax and pray. Ask for strength because you will entail it. Althogh it hurts you to see him like that you hold to remember that you are helping him and think of him right presently rather than yourself. You hold been his lantern his whole enthusiasm and you to shine on him more than ever because if he does get even sickier or possibly dies you will regret not trying to comfort him. You can do it I will pray for you.
Did he own outpatient surgery? Some people own a bad repercussion to anesthesia, they come out talking crazy, they are severely emotional or angry, hallucinate, and it can product them very ill.

Try not to be upset. I know it'd hard to see someone resembling that but he's still the same brother you have before.
After surgery developed vomiting and most Severus symptom;can't see.You should not lurk for your dad you should call 911 if surrounded by usa or call doesn`t matter what emergency system.Since he has sickle cell disease the blood vessel could block and could have serious consequence.He must has post-op instruction read it and follow the suggestion.

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