Why can't cancer patients own live plants?

I know someone who is a plant lover and was told by healthcare providers she cannot enjoy live plants now that she have cancer.
Any little bacteria or germs can really mar a cancer patient. Especially during treatment, the immune system is incredibly weakened. Maybe sometime when her counts are up, you can take her to a botanical garden or something resembling that. But it is worse when you're in an roofed room, so that's why they don't want her to have plants [pets either].
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Most cancer patients enjoy weakened immune systems from their treatments. Live plants can pass germs and disease as well as any bugs that could be disguised in them
this doesnt nouns right. The only piece i can think of is that apparently plants such up oxygen and put out carbon dioxide at hours of darkness. This stops person from self exposed to maximum oxygen and increases CO2 which is acidic. Some studies found cancer cell grow quicker in an bitter environment than in an alkaline.
*shrug* thats the best of my reasoning
I enjoy NEVER heard that and i speak as a nurse and a daughter of a mum who died of cancer. We are surrounded by uk if you are usa it could be something new but years on a ward nursing, and i dont know the answer, but i am not disputing it if you own heard it it could be unmarked.
Plants and flowers pose two theoretical infection hazard. Vase water and soil surrounded by plants contain large concentrations of potential nosocomial (infections contracted as a result of person hospitalized; hospital-acquired) pathogens and decaying organic business may contain fungus. Having plants and flowers in intensive contemplation units and contained by rooms of immuno-suppressed patients should be discouraged. Plants and flowers should be restricted from rooms of severely immunosuppressed patients.

Also, when caring for an immuno-suppressed tolerant at home special care desires to be taken regarding the hose they drink and the types of food they are eating. They can with the sole purpose drink sterilized water. They cannot munch through any fresh vegetables or fruit, and everything needs to be cooked to unmistaken temperatures to ensure that the food is free of pathogens.
It is something call neutropenic precautions and it is because the chemotherapy reduces their immune system. They can seize sick from what are normally considered to be safe bacteria, and specifically why the doctors won't allow them to have live plant. The plants and carrier have big quantities of germs and it could make them amazingly ill. They are also excluded to have black pepper on their meal.
plants do take up oxygen but if she requirements a plant at this stage of her life SO BE IT EVEN A PLANT OR TWO I ANOTHER ROOM OR IN THE SPRING OUTSIDE HER WINDW!!!HECK INTHE WINTER OUTSIDE THE WINDOW ON A PORCH BOXIT COULD BE HEATED!!!
Many cancer patients own lowered immune systems making them susceptible to infections, bacteria, and other heartless little organisms which are harmless to the rest of us.

Live plants can harbor microbes in the dirt and standing marine in the flower pitcher can grow mold and Pseudomonas, which could cause pneumonia.

This rule is solely when the cancer patients immune system is being compromised by treatment. It's transient.

This particular tolerant can probably just hold someone look out for her plants or she could keep them surrounded by a separate room. She probably should limit the time she is around them until after her chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments are over.
Cancer pts are immunocompromized from the chemotherapy and radiation treatments they receive for their cancer.
Plants and fresh fruits and veggies hold "critters". or potentially infections diseases on them. They are harmless to a human being who has an intact immune system, but can be natural life threatening to a cancer pt who is suceptible to all kind of infections.
Cancer RN
I was told like thing and the doctors told me that
in attendance is fungus in the soil. My hubby be going to help
me repot my plants and this be a definite no no.

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