Sore Throat - White Looking Pimple?

Ok, so a couple of days ago I asked about a sore throat and for a time lump on my left tonsil.

I go to the Dr, he gave me a Z-Pack and some nasal spray, I notice this evening that there is a small white bump similar to a pimple on the same tonsil. Should I be getting this even if I am one meds (2nd light of day on them). Is it going to get worse since it gets better? It hurts when I swallow (food or no food), but not adequate to where I won't drink anything. Also, I am having a minor agony in my gone ear and the left side of my nouns is hurting (hurts when I turn my head to the left). Anyone have and/or have anything close to this?

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you have strep throat. i have the same point.and it is not a pimple, it is pus. medecine will not help because it is to the doctor, tell them what you reckon it is and they will give you drug but it doesnt really help. hope ya touch better!
Sounds like strep that have made a tonsillar abscess. It's like a unpromising zit on your tonsil. Usually these have to be drained, so it is better so see your doctor sooner than subsequent to get it checked in the past it gets worse.
Sounds close to strep throat...Did he test you for that..?
I have that same problem and it only seem to come up when I increase my sugar intake. That white lump is actually a fragment of food, what's leftover at lowest possible. You can tell it's food because when it comes out it smells really fruitless.
Give Z-Pack a chance...its really good,
In expect time try gargling near some warm brackish water,
Did you own a mono test? Sometimes a white bump on the tonsils can be a sign of mono, also, it can be a sign that you entail to get your tonsils removed. Sometimes meds won't capture rid of all the symptoms right away, but they might not be treating the right article. I would call the doctor if the bump doesnt move about away soon.
Sounds like strep throat. Z-pack should appropriate care of it.

red and white patch in the throat
difficulty swallowing
tender or swollen glands (lymph nodes) contained by the neck
red and enlarged tonsils
lower stomach torment
standard discomfort, uneasiness, or ailing feeling
loss of appetite and nausea
2nd day, how frequent doses? you should feel better after a few days. if you have an idea that that you are worse, and not better than it is worth going back. antibiotics will work, if your on the right one. grant it another 12 hours then obtain it checked out. if you get heaps worse of late go rear especially if the white area spreads, or your temp go up and if that ear pain increases.
The white stuff on the tonsil is call lacunae. It is necrotic tissue that the tonsil is sloughing off. It is proof that your tonsils be infected. This can take several weeks to clear itself out. A nice gargle is 1 sector scope 1 section hydrogen peroxide and 1 part dampen. This will help to go and get the junk out of your tonsil nouns. Warm salt river rinses: 1 cup of very melt water next to 1/8 teaspoon salt make a soothing gargle.
Sounds like strep throat. You already own an antibiotic, so the symptoms should clear up within a few days. Remember to transport all of the medication, even if you have a feeling better, okay?

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