Whats Wrong With Me?

I've been to several doctors to all right to be heard i have nouns disorder and anxiety I'm 20 years old and when i sleep and stir up my hands perceive numb and i have the unreality awareness ive had ekgs chest xrays blood exam many whats wrong beside me i hate the unreality attitude i feel approaching im dying or scared anyway

Well, please don't suffer next to this. You can take antianxiety medication to help you. Just narrate the doctor you want it. Believe me you will feel much better. It doesn't transport much, just somewhat to take this cramp away. I have suffered from anxiety most of my enthusiasm until I started taking Serax for this problem. I only lug one occasionally. They permit me to hold down a post and go to social functions.
I could be so much stress and try to regard as positive I suggest if you want the answers then read the book "The Secret" it help. Now the numbness that you feel could be impossible circulation try a little exercise a few minutes a year or control your salt intake. (don't put extra saline in your food.) hope you discern better.
Google ...
foods that fight anxiety
intuitive ways to stop anxiety
panic attacks, traditional and intuitive ways to fight them

within are lots of sites to choose from. Hope this helps. Good luck.
Ok so i'm not trying to panic you or anything but I wake up impossible to tell apart sometimes with my heart race sometimes and my arms feel so creamy like they are pinned to the bed.It scare me so I have gone to the doc and asked for lots of test,yes intially the first blood test and a couple others come out fine but then I finished up having a UTI(urinary tract infection),gallstones,my endometrial stripe is gluey and needs to be cleaned out(whatever to be exact!)and now I hold a throat virus called epstein barr which is supposedly greatly common but i don't know of anyone who have had it! I own more drs appts coming up and who knows what else they will find on me.Basically what I'm trying to speak to you is don't just adopt the"anxiety panic disorder" guess before getting more test done.This could be a way of your body relating you something is wrong,My not so good doc told me I needed psychological counseling and antidepressents when I would try to recount her I knew something be wrong with me and I be scared and kept going to see her,and demanded more test.Let's just enunciate she believes me now and when I ask for a try-out she gives it to me in need any hesitation.Don't other believe what they say.Good luck and hope you find better
I have answered your question like these back.. I believe that you are scared. I know that even modern science doesn't know everything here is. It's only going to be a situation of time and test in the past the doctors finally figure out what is ailing you. Make sure you only keep pushing your doctors for serve and don't ever let them right you bad as nothing. If you know nearby is something wrong then nearby must be. It can't all be contained by your head.
It might be time to hold some steps in the other direction.. away from science and doctors drugs.

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