My blood pressure is 117 over 77 do you judge this is low and what should i do?

Hiya Sarah,
You are concerned.. maybe a moral thing.
Have you stopped to contemplate what happens when you stir to sleep?
What if you didn't breathe properly?
What about your heart.. if it skips a crush and you are asleep?
Have faith within yourself that all is ok.
Trust me Sarah you will be fine.
Get angry and you BP go up, relax and think charming thoughts, and it goes down.
There's an antediluvian adage that goes something resembling this.
Cherish every second you live, and fill respectively minute with sixty second worth of life.
You will be fine.
No, it's immaculately alright.
its normal
Just right. Do nil.
That's a healthy blood pressure. Trust me i'm a nurse.
B/F say you are fine- you don't feel sick do you?
almost perfect blood pressure unless you are 150 years mature.
Do nothing!
120/80 is average mines other lower.
Mine was 150 over 100 until I moved to the country. The doctor very soon thinks his spigmamometer is malfunctioning, down to 120 over 80.
Mind you everything else is still falling off.
It's thoroughly good.
Normal is 120 over 80, and can encompass anything from 100 as the top number and 60 as the bottom. You are fine! It's great that your blood pressure is that low!
No, It's not low...mine is usually 110 over 70...amazingly normal for me.
The average for wholesome males is 140/70 and for healthy females is 120/60 - so you are economically within sound ranges.

You have no necessitate to worry. Just live a wholesome life near all things surrounded by moderation and you should live to a ripe old age.
This is an excellent NORMAL blood pressure reading. Patients whose BP is smaller number than the AVERAGE of 120/80 are lucky. Their heart and stroke risk is also below normal, so do zilch!
It's almost perfect! Do nil.
its ok but the 77 is ok but could be lower but sounds really ok i guess if your pressure is always resembling that what you need to do is keep hold of track of it and the numbers when they are 80 then receive upset.
depends how old you are it fine if your an full-size

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