What's your favorite genus of cancer.?

No cancer is not a kind of cancer.

Why the hell would i enjoy a favorite type of Cancer?
cancer is not something to joke in the region of!!
the tropic of cancer
I don't like the interrogate you asked. I had cervical dysplasia (without self sexually active) and it has put a toll on my duration. It's not fun at all, plus, adjectives different types of cancer runs in my ethnic group. So, if I were you, I wouldn't ask any more unaware questions approaching this.
of all the things to ask,,ya gotta ask somethin similar to that.to me that would offend a cancer paitent to ask something approaching that
Who would have a favorite type of cancer??? This is a calamitous question... millions of culture are diagnosed with cancer and I can almost guarantee you NONE of them be happy to hear the doctor read out "I'm sorry, you have cancer" no issue what freaking type it was!

I can't believe you would even reason people would own a favorite. It's not like it's a food, or foreign puppy... it's a life threatening medical condition!
my favorite type of cancer is the one that you will hopefully bring.
The kind that would manufacture you go away.
how just about a shotgun to your face, and afterwards you tell me.
Well, if you have to help adjectives the people who have cancer that I have care for, and been a caregiver to, you wouldn't even DREAM of acting similar to such an a*ss on this forum.
Grow up, apologize to everyone on here RIGHT NOW, or don't EVER come back on this forum again!
return with real.
Well, if getting a rise out of general public was your intention, it worked.
The put somebody through the mill was juvenile at best, tight-fisted spirited at worst, but the world is full of cruelty and insensitivity so to expect special treatment because you enjoy a disease is probably unrealistic, except from those close to you.
Here's my answer which I hope will feed anything drives you to ask such a question.
I'm 60, hold Stage IV pancreatic cancer and probably have freshly a few months left, as I've just this minute passed the 3 to 5 months the docs gave me when they open me up. Physically, emotionally and financially this has turned my natural life upside down. Living on disability, taking pain meds everyday, watching my kith and kin deal next to this, lotsa fun. Pancreatic cancer is my favorite!
Derision, pity or scorn. Whatever you get I don't need it.
Whether you acquire satisfaction from my misfortune, or from the condemnation of the other answers, I hope I've help you achieve it. Everyone should enjoy a good light of day occasionally!
what the hell is your problem?
The kind that's contained by remission, like the one I own. What kind of insensitive prick are you? I want no cancer on anyone, and being a cancer survivor (and 32 years old), cancer is not a type of candy or leave spot. it's the worst thing me and my kith and kin has ever experienced. If you grasp your jollies off of adjectives of our cancer stories, your sick, twisted, and I hope you get cancer, only just so you can feel how much of an *** you are.
why would you ask that its so retarded to ask that what if you have cancer nobody should have a favorite cancer
what a dick see!
The one you will get.
What a dumb f.u.c.k. you must be to be asking such a retarded cross-question, but I heard drinking a gallon of gasoline prevents cancer, conceivably you should try it.
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