When guys find tested?

I know what its like to own a papsmear because I am a female.
I would close to to know, whenever a male get tested for STD's what exactly do they do?
I have hear they stick a q-tip in their penis.
DOES THIS HURTT? and how unpromising?

there are blood test for some diseases (HIV, the herps hep-c ect...) then for some you inevitability to give a tissue indication (warts /HPV) and for some you would have a swab taster taken from inside the urethra, i have have it done to test for chlamydia/gonorrhea and it doesn't hurt really, it burns for a time but only take a few seconds.
you want to know this why? I've never tested for STDs but I can answer you on the "does this hurt" bit...yes...that would severely much hurt. maybe something smoother than a q-tip. possibly something smaller. but I'd rather bear the STDs.
Go to the local health department. They can usually pee within a cup for most tests very soon. But the swabb may also be used. And is such a trivial thing compared to a STD. Some STD necessitate a blood sample.
All the times I go to a clinic to get tested for stds they'd deeply just run some primary blood work and look at my penis. They suck cause I go to them with a herpes ourbreak on my penis and the nurse told me that it wasn't herpes and not to verbs. Lucky I didn't believe her and went to a dermatologist to obtain tested. Normally my primary care physician or any one I own ever been to never checks for stds unless I ask for a specific check. On physical exams they look at my penis. I don't even know why they always want to see my penis, perchance they just resembling looking at it.

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