What's wrong near me? I'm have DIARRHOEA!?

I'm having diarrhoea for going on for 5 days. I don't wanna eat and I consistency quite dizzy adjectives the time. And my heart beats faster than usual. What's wrong next to me?

See your DR ASAP. 5 days is too long to have diarrhea. You are probably desiccated as well presently if you are not dinking at least 3-4 quarts of hose down a day. It could be salmonella, and to be precise one nasty infestation to enjoy
you either enjoy a virus or a stomach infection..or a flu...if it hasnt cleared by next week be in motion get a check up
There is something wrong...here's what you do.

Get past its sell-by date the internet and go to the hospital! NOW!
embezzle 7 seeds of red chilly wholesome next to water twice a light of day and I an sure you will get rid of this, Also try to purloin some soft curd without sugar two three times a year.
As already answered before me, Go to the doctor, better nonetheless go to the emergency room. Do you hold a fever and are you taking any medication? Do not cart over the counter medications, they could gross your condition worse. The doctor would more than likely ask for a stool specimen to check for intestinal lice. Your intestinal lining is in a minute very irritated. Continue to drink fluids. Try to stay away from caffiene and/or milk products. Also one and only eat soft,bland food. You probably will not want to but you should probably clutch sips of pedialyte. Stay away from gatorade or carbonated and either any other sports drinks. Your heart is hammering rapid because it is working harder to support your system. Your body could possibly become septic which is life-threatening. I am no doctor to diagnose your symptoms but the best proposal is not to treat this illness at home , Donot drive,it could be insecure, but call 911! NOW! You involve emergency medical attention RIGHT AWAY! Listen to what everyone is trying to advise you to do--CALL FOR HELP NOW! 911! This isnt the time to be embarassed. The major thing that is to say wrong with you is that you enjoy not attempted to seek proffessional caution. It may save your enthusiasm.
Please for the love of God go to the doctor you could enjoy C-Diff which is a parasite. Or maybe you enjoy the flu but don't suffer it out. Please.

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