Exploded liver?

My grandma has have something happen to liver, and I contemplate something along the lines as it exploded. What does that mean, and what are the consequences?

Trauma -- close to from a car crash -- could impose the liver to rip and tear. If this is dramatic adequate to be termed "exploded," departure would quickly follow.

Various illnesses can produce the liver to enlarge.
The intensification itself isn't really a problem, but the underlying disease would be. When the disease is treated, the liver will probably reduce fund to normal size. But it will still function when it is enlarged.
I used the medical word for enlarged liver-hepatomegaly-and go to About.com. Theres too much info for an answer to your specific questions, but I hope this interconnect will help you.
Best to you and her. Hope she recover well.
If a person'a liver explodes, they are
almost instantly inert! Hepatitis is
an infection of the liver and is very
serious. There is not ample info to
give you a right answer.

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