A persistant low blood pressure 60/90 over 10 days. What does it indicate for a house wife aged 40.?

Health normal but slightly overweight. Feels extra fatigue contained by little effort. Sugar height normal. Diet indian style. Chelostrol even slightly high i.e.230.
A blood pressure of 90/60 mmHg is tremendously NORMAL for a 40 year-old housewife. That indicates that you are not currently at risk for complications of hypertension (high blood pressure).
If you want to reduce your risks for cardiovascular disease, the cholesterol and substance are areas that can be improved.

Your blood pressure is unlikely to be the explanation of your fatigue, unless you also have orthostasis: your blood pressure drops and heart rate increases when you stand up from a lying position. This can be cause by being desiccated (not drinking enough) or by certain diseases, but also heaps otherwise healthy population have this. Low blood pressure within an otherwise healthy individual is NOT a risk factor for any disease.

Blood pressure can be increased by drinking more fluids, being more liberal next to the use of salt, and exercising more. There are also some medication that can be used if your doctor thinks that this blood pressure is too low for you and can be responsible for some of your symptoms.
Your top number is really, really low, but your bottom number is slightly elevated. I reflect you should see a doctor as soon as possible.
it means jump to the doctors and ask.
I really don't know, but I bet a doctor would. Make an appointment for a check up.
May be an infection.
why not ask your Dr...if you know what all your test say, afterwards you must see a Dr some time...Yahoo is not a Dr's office or a hospital.
You have need of to seek medical attention, you could hold more serious problems, like bleeding internally or something. Why enjoy you waited 10 days??
Have you be to the doctor? That would be my first recommendation. It's really not satisfactory information, nor a good view, to try and diagnose here. Besides which, most people here don't enjoy a medical background.

Please run see a doctor to get to the bottom of your problem.
possibly your tired, no. go see a doctor. and you cant really determine your blood pressure unless you run it atleast once a day.oh see a doctor. it would be worth it.
It medium you should see your doctor. That is too low.
Please consult your doctor on this. You can also stop by for a free blood pressure check at your local fire dept. - providing they are in house-not out on a phone call. The paramedics are well trained and could answer this request for information. If it is concerning to them-then please do see your dr. Take care.
do you plan 90/60? Low blood pressure can make you be aware of real tired. You should try to attain up and do a few exercises - it may help to draw from the blood pressure up. Do you take any medication that could be lowering your BP? I have low BP too. Some relatives just run a short time low. Keep your eye on it and if it gets too much lower, I would suggest going to a doctor but for a bp of 90/60 I wouldn't hysterics. Good luck!
Blood pressure cuff malfunction. The top # is your systolic pressure (when your heart is beating). The bottom # is your diastolic pressure (when your heart is resting- between beats) Your systolic is other higher than your diastolic (unless your limp, then they are both zero). If your Bp is really 90/60 - accurate for you, some people are lucky to own low Bp provided they are not symptomatic eg. lightheaded, dizzy....

Bring your cuff with you to your subsequent office appointment & check it at alike time it is checked in the department.

Good luck.
I think you plan 90/60, the top number is never lower than the bottom. That is not an alarming BP, but, it may be low for you. The bottom number is the number to really watch. What does your BP generally run? Mine is usually 100/64, always be that way. But, if you are foreboding abnormally tired than you should aim advice from a medical professional. Have you be sick? Even a cold or the flu will run your system down and make you consistency fatigued. Without proper medical assessment, it is hard to say aloud what is causing it, if anything, it may a short time ago be normal for you.
90 over 60 and you be aware of tired with little energy. as in shortness of breath? lightheaded? enjoy you been on a foreign medication? you need to progress get a cardiac work up done. 90/60 isn't too low unless it is accompany by symptoms such as yours. what's your heart rate, rhythm and quality?
Yeah, it's gotta be 90/60-doesn't work the other channel. I've seen nation with a pressure that low, and it can be middle-of-the-road for them, though it's low normal. What's more noteworthy is how you feel. If you are a diabetic next to high cholesterol, you are at sophisticated risk for heart attacks. Even at your age. Fatigue that is latest and extreme could be a sign of heart trouble, and you should go check it out.
60/90??? impractical must be 90/60 wich sounds a little low for your description of yourself. See your PMD and hold a complete work up, there are path too many cause of fatigue.

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