When do you see results near Accutane?(REaD BELow)?

Im going to be starting it in nearly 2-3 weeks and im not that worried.until people said your skin will draw from worse than before than clear!Anyone use it?

ps-i know the sideeffects i of late want to know if this stuff will clear my skin

I used accutane and my skin just get better and better. It's not long before I saw a "glow" on my obverse I never saw before. My skin looked so well and cleared ALL of my acne.

I suffered from acne for 15 years and nothing help until I used accutane. I was 35 when I go on accutane and have have a clear complextion now for 10 years. Good luck on using it...the lone thing I didn't approaching about it be my lips and down were VERY dry. Use vaseline on your orifice to keep them moist and use a insightful conditioner on your hair weekly.

You will be so glad you used accutane!
Accutane's History

In the months after accutane's commercial release surrounded by 1982 it became adjectives that something was seriously wrong. By 1983 several public consumer groups began a

petition asking the FDA to force La Roche to include notice information with the drug.

These concerns escalated to lead to another petition calling for an Accutane ban surrounded by 1988. Current statistics suggest that about 25 percent of Accutane pregnancy births

result surrounded by serious birth defects and 50 percent of the Accutane pregnancy births result within mental disability.

Guidelines for Females
1. Do not take Accutane if you are pregnant or if you could become pregnant during treatment or for one month after you stop taking Accutane.
2. Accutane is surrounded by the FDA pregnancy category X. This means that Accutane is agreed to cause severe birth defect in an unborn toddler.
3. It can also cause miscarriage, premature birth, or loss of the baby.
4. Two reliable forms of birth control must be used at impossible to tell apart time

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