When did the residence "pandemic" come into use. I never hear its use until in the region of 5-6 years ago.?

When I was contained by school 50 - 60 years ago focal problems would have be epidemics not pandemics such as the plague.

Only about as long as the Greek communication.

Main Entry: 1pan·dem·ic
Pronunciation: pan-'de-mik
Function: adjective
Etymology: Late Latin pandemus, from Greek pandEmos of all the culture, from pan- + dEmos people -- more at DEMAGOGUE
: occurring over a broad geographic area and affecting an exceptionally dignified proportion of the population <pandemic malaria>
An epidemic is more centralized, as in near is an influenza epidemic in the US.A pandemic refers to a much broader nouns as there is a pandemic outbreak of Asian Flu(as surrounded by worldwide). As in everything, the English expressions is taking a beating. Years ago within maybe a hundred Icons. Now every less-than-talented singer,movie star,sports integer,politician and your local McDonald's' fry flipper is an Icon. The same is happening to epidemic/pandemic--being used interchangeably.Others I really close to: he/she went missing,Start over again at the germ,New beginning,You know,He go,etc.,etc. The sad module is if it used often plenty,it all become acceptable. This is surrounded by keeping with the most up-to-date in American Society:"If the standards are too elevated,lower the standards." We wouldn't want to offend anyone would we?
All ancestors 1660. that's the meaning of the Greek word pandemic. It system cross continents. An epidemic is a short term situation a pandemic have world wide ramification. Like the bird flu.

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